Sport: World Cup 2022: After "One Love" decision, Rewe ends cooperation with DFB

William's Wales team 'own goal' plays into hands of those who don't want him as prince

  William's Wales team 'own goal' plays into hands of those who don't want him as prince If I'm honest, it felt like a bit of an own goal from the palace. © PA Prince William gave the honest insight during an appearance at the Welsh Parliament Yes, you'd expect Prince William as president of the FA to visit the England team before they set off for Qatar, but where was his visit to see the Wales team? He is now, after all, the Prince of Wales.As he visited the Senedd in Cardiff, the heart of Welsh democracy, his team no doubt keen to avoid any tricky political conversations in public, it was the other controversial subject of football that it seems tripped him up.

The German team waived the wearing of the intended captain's armband due to impending FIFA sanctions. CEO Souque draws consequences from this, but attacks FIFA above all.

Der DFB hatte am Montag mitgeteilt, dass Kapitän Manuel Neuer bei der WM entgegen der ursprünglichen Planung doch nicht mit der Armbinde auflaufen werde. Foto: dpa © provided by Handelsblatt The DFB had announced on Monday that Captain Manuel Neuer at the World Cup, contrary to the original planning, would not run with the armband. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright =

The Cologne Handelsriese Rewe ends its cooperation with the German Football Association (DFB). The company announced on Tuesday. The background to this is that Captain Manuel Neuer will not appear on Wednesday at the World Cup game against Japan, unlike initially, not with the "One-Love" bandage.

An international "shield" operation for the World Cup in Qatar

 An international provided by Team (N. Luttiau) from the United States to Turkey, several countries provide security in Qatar on the occasion of world Cup. NATO is also there. France is not the only one to provide technical and operational support to Qatar in terms of security during the World Cup. The Little Emirate concluded cooperation agreements with a dozen other countries during the tournament.

Actually wanted to set an example with the Arm Bind. The World Cup host country Qatar is, for example, because of the suppression of homosexuals and women. After the World Association FIFA had announced sanctions, the associations withdrew their plans on Monday, which caused broad criticism.

Now the DFB even loses a sponsor prematurely. "The scandalous attitude of the FIFA is absolutely not acceptable for me as a CEO of a diverse company and as a football fan," said Rewe boss Lionel Souque. The supermarket chain therefore waives its advertising rights from the existing contract with the DFB. The main thing in the context of the ongoing World Cup. Rewe contract with the DFB would have expired

, however, the retail chain could also want to use the momentum: Rewe had already announced in October not to continue the long-term partnership agreement with the DFB. How long the contract would have run was initially not known.

Traffic jams, Ecuador, dampen Qatar’s World Cup opener

  Traffic jams, Ecuador, dampen Qatar’s World Cup opener Qatar put on a dazzling show on opening night. Then the football began.The moral is that it is one thing to win the right to host the World Cup, another altogether to win at the World Cup. In this Muslim country, in this dry stadium, you could say it was for all a sobering experience.

According to the current decision of FIFA, the group is now suspending the contract. The company had already told the DFB. The DFB initially did not respond to Rewe's decision.

The current World Cup is a difficult terrain for the football sponsors. Critics accuse them of wanting to enrich themselves on the tournament despite the problematic human rights situation in the host country. Many European supporters of FIFA and the sponsors of the World Cup in Qatar therefore only promote cautiously.

Because many consumers are not in football fever in view of the energy crisis and the unusual orientation of the World Cup in winter, the trade does not promise a big business from the tournament. That is why there are no special campaigns and action goods for many dealers. Trading groups want to hand in a collecting album

at the end of October, at the request of the trading sheet at the end of October, that the World Cup "has a comparable less interest than earlier big tournaments". The focus is more on Christmas time. At least in Cologne, “positive radiation effects” were hoped for for the sale of drinks or snack items.

Victoria having Labor pains

  Victoria having Labor pains A new poll has Victorian Premier Dan Andrews losing ground to the Liberals' Matthew Guy as preferred premier, and former PM Kevin Rudd warns there are just five years to prevent war with China.To another state election now and Simon Holmes à Court’s Climate 200 is thinking it’ll back up to 10 candidates in the NSW election in March, Guardian Australia reports, including business consultant Joeline Hackman, who is taking on the state’s environment minister James Griffin in Manly. It’d be more than double the number (four) it backed in the Victorian election, but there’s a Coalition to unseat in NSW.

With the end of the support of the DFB, Rewe wants to hand over his collective valley to customers free of charge from now on, the trade giant announced. Rewe will donate the previous income to the previous income. To whom is still unclear. Brand experts had advised companies to take a sign before the World Cup.

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