Sport:, according to Heidi Klum: Jeans are out! Instead, in the winter of 2022 we wear these trend pants

shoe trend: Which 3 models in winter 2022 best match the jeans

 shoe trend: Which 3 models in winter 2022 best match the jeans Romeo and Julia, Ernie and Bert or Bibi and Tina ... They exist, the special couples that simply fit together perfectly. Of course not only in books or TV shows, but also in fashion. Because we fashion fans know that if the harmony between two IT places is right, we are happy to combine it again and again. So three very special shoe-pants combination this winter. We'll tell you here which shoe trends are now forming a Perfect Match with our favorite jeans .

that Heidi Klum is really fun for everyone, not least with her worm costume of Halloween (as a reminder: here it goes to the pictures). But not only on Halloween the supermodel likes to take on the shovel. Most recently, she posted a real reel with TV-Star Drew Scott who would be able to have the better Halloween costume this year. Spoiler: Drew went as Heidi Klum and the imitation is just delicious. However, our gaze got less on Drew's glitter dress than on Heidi Klum's cool look. For a change, she was not wearing a dress and no jeans, but probably the coolest trousers for the winter 2022 . We want to go up your look as well - and therefore have put together the most beautiful pieces à la Heidi Klum .

Kendall Jenner has just worn tights as pants-how portable is the no-pants look?

 Kendall Jenner has just worn tights as pants-how portable is the no-pants look? Kendall Jenner has just worn tights as pants © Getty Images Kendall Jenner is to split up the trouser industry by way of convincing us that we can also wear pantyhose instead of pants in winter 2022. The Jenner sister shared an outfit on Instagram on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, where she wore as pair of pants. just when we got used to the fact that Leggings go through as pants (also a look that is forced by Kardashian/Jenner), the next curious trend comes around the corner.

Laut Heidi Klum: DAS ist die coolste Jeans-Alternative im Winter 2022 Getty Images © Getty Images according to Heidi Klum: This is the coolest jeans alternative in the winter of 2022 Getty Heidi Klum: In winter 2022 we wear these trend pants instead of jeans

when you scroll through Heidi Klums Instagram profile You either half -naked or in an extravagant evening wear. Everyday look is more of the exception-although Heidi is a professional in it. She manages to give every sophisticated touch to every so simple outfit-be it through a great accessory, a unusual cut or a chic color combination. She also proved this in her Instagram reel with Drew Scott. In it, the model wore an cargo pose and immediately provided the reason why the jeans in the Winter 2022 should clearly replace the jeans. Because Heidi Klum opted for an Straight Leg Model in Beige , which is not only super comfortable, but also versatile. With an pastel yellow t-shirt and pumps in the same color , it put a stylish contrast that is unexpectedly and exciting. So simple, so cool: In the Winter 2022 we definitely exchange the jeans more often for the cargo pants .

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thrown together? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Suits are now worn in the "Mix & Match" principle .
black, blue, gray-if you are looking for a new suit , you usually choose a model that is held in the same color. However, it is much exciting if, for example, jacket and pants differ in color . This has recently proven Jude Law when he visited the 11th Lacma Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles on November 5. Important: If pants and shirt or sweater have the same color , the outfit still looks like a single source.

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