Sport: Germany denies Johnson's assertions that Berlin has renounced war with Russia.

The Russian Empire Must Die

  The Russian Empire Must Die A better future requires Putin’s defeat—and the end to imperial aspirations.Both also believed that Russia could change. Maybe not change very much, maybe not very dramatically, but change nevertheless. Nemirovskaya once told me that her great ambition was just to make Russia “a little bit more civilized” through the exposure of people to new ideas. Their school, an extension of conversations held in their kitchen, was designed to achieve that single, nonrevolutionary goal.

Archive - Image d'archive de l'ancien Premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson et du président ukrainien Volodimir Zelenski. - OFICINA DE PRENSA DE LA PRESIDENCIA DE UCRANIA / Z © provided by News 360 Archive - Archive image of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski. - Oficina de Prensa de la Presidencia de Ucrania / Z

The German government spoke on Wednesday to deny the recent declarations of the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said that Russia had been considered the winner from the start of war and criticized him for having "his own relationship with the truth".

"We know that the former Prime Minister, very joker, always has his own relationship with the truth; in this case, it is not different," said German government spokesman Steffen Hébestreit, like the 'shared the German ambassador to the United Kingdom, Miguel Berger on his Twitter account.

Russia’s war in Ukraine challenges old comrades in Southeast Asia

  Russia’s war in Ukraine challenges old comrades in Southeast Asia Vladimir Putin’s absence from the G20 Summit in Bali also undermines talk of a Russian pivot to the Asia-Pacific region.“Western countries are striving to maintain a former world order that is beneficial only to them,” he told attendees at the Eastern Economic Forum in the Russian city of Vladivostok in September.

Berlin's response follows the remarks made by Mr. Johnson on Monday before the CNN delegation in Lisbon, in which he declared that at one point, Germany considered that a Russian attack was "preferable" so that "It is finished quickly and that Ukraine goes".

"I couldn't support her, I thought it was a disastrous vision," said Johnson, adding that he was able to understand "why they thought", citing "all kinds of valid economic reasons".

Mr. Johnson, who regularly went to kyiv to support the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky - especially when a new controversy has arisen in the last turbulent months of his mandate - has reproached other Western countries for not having confidence in the resilience of the Ukrainian armed forces.

What are world leaders saying about Russia and Ukraine at G20?

  What are world leaders saying about Russia and Ukraine at G20? As Russia and Ukraine trade blame at the Bali summit, other world leaders at the summit call for unity.As the two-day summit opened on Tuesday, Indonesia, the host nation, made a plea for unity despite rifts within the G20 – which includes Russia – over the conflict.

In the case of France, he criticized Paris for having denied weeks before the invasion she would take place, while for Italy, Mr. Johnson said that they had initially said that they could not Not supporting London's position because of their "massive" dependence on Russian hydrocarbons.

"What happened is that everyone, the Germans, the French, the Italians, everyone", including the American president Joe Biden, "saw that there was no The choice because we cannot negotiate with this type, "he said, referring to Vladimir Putin.

However, he quickly recognized the "brilliant" common position of the EU. "The EU was brilliantly behaved (...) I pay tribute to the way it acted. They hugged their elbows. The sanctions were severe," he recognized.

More speed: naturalization center should start in early 2024 .
when it comes to naturalization, there is still a lot to do in Berlin from the perspective of the red-green-red Senate. An important building block is the central state incorporation center, which is scheduled to start working in early 2024, as the ruling mayor Franziska Giffey announced. "It is important that we go forward here, and this coalition has made up for this," said Giffey on Thursday in the House of Representatives.

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