Sport: Renault will cover half of its energy consumption with renewable energy

‘Just’ energy transitions need more transparency, less gas

  ‘Just’ energy transitions need more transparency, less gas There’s growing concern that the Just Energy Transition Partnership could serve as a cover for a pivot back to gas.Leaders attending the G20 summit that started in Indonesia today and the ongoing COP27 climate summit in Egypt are expected to push for increased investment in oil and gas exploration.

Renault va installer des panneaux solaires sur ses sites pour atteindre 350 MW d'énergie d'ici 2027. supplied by the tribune Renault will install solar panels on its sites to reach 350 MW of energy by 2027.

Le Solaire and L 'wind is on the rise. Renault signed, this Thursday, an electricity contract of 350 megawatts with the French producer of renewable electricity Voltalia. This power represents for Renault "up to 50% of the electricity consumption of its activities," said Voltalia in a press release.

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The energetician, who produces and sells wind electricity, Solar, hydraulic or even from storage or biomass, will install photovoltaic panels near Renault factories. According to the plan mentioned by Voltalia, the automotive group will have 100 megawatts of power in 2025 then 350 megawatts by 2027. An announcement which comes a few days after the government's presentation of a fund of a 70 million fund euros to encourage manufacturers to sign long -term renewable energy contracts (PPA)

Victoria Election 2022: Dan Andrew's secret plan to change Victoria forever

  Victoria Election 2022: Dan Andrew's secret plan to change Victoria forever Labor revealed its official manifesto at its campaign launch with billions being thrown at voters to buy back trust - but the party was drawing up a secret agenda just two months earlier.Labor revealed their official manifesto at the campaign launch on Sunday with billions being thrown at voters to buy back their trust after the state's devastating Covid lockdowns.

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According to Voltalia, “the contract covers a total power of 350 megawatts representing the production of around 500 gigawattheures per year. Lasting 15 years, this is an unprecedented commitment in France in terms of power ”. Renault has signed the largest renewable electricity supply contract ever signed in France according to the green energy producer.

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a contract which should advance the photovoltaic sector in France. According to EDF , in 2018, photovoltaics represented by 10.5 TWh or 2% of national electricity production. But this share is constantly increasing since it rose to 11.6 TWh in 2019, an increase of 7.8 % compared to 2018. The amount of the contract was not made public, but it will be For the manufacturer of a large investment. This project is entering the Renault plan to divide by two CO2 emissions from its sites by 2030, based on its 2019 programs.

Republicans are planning to battle Biden's green agenda with House control

  Republicans are planning to battle Biden's green agenda with House control Several House Republican leaders vowed to hold the Biden administration accountable on energy policy and introduce legislation that would boost American energy independence.Several top GOP members, who are in leadership roles on energy policy, laid out their priorities to Fox News Digital. In addition to stemming the Biden administration's green agenda and efforts to curb fossil fuel production, the Republicans said they would aim to unleash American energy, hold China accountable and secure the domestic critical mineral supply chain.

The Renaulution

strategic plan at the head of the French car manufacturer since July 2020, Luca de Meo embarked on a pharaonic project to develop the group exceeded by Stellantis and which accumulated losses in 2019 and 2020 and a discreet return to balance in 2021. His project is called Renaulution. It consists in pushing the group to develop on themes of the future such as electrification or autonomous driving.

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automotive champion it is in this context that Renault created the Software Republic with Dassault Systems, Orange, Atos and St Microelectronics, a project dedicated to the creation of New technological tools to make vehicles from the group smarter and economical groups. In June 2021, the diamond group also announced investing in Verkor, a young French shooting of batteries, and being a partner of the geante factory project for electric batteries in Douai.

Hydrogen fuel pumps are on the way in Australia — so how long until the vehicles arrive?

  Hydrogen fuel pumps are on the way in Australia — so how long until the vehicles arrive? Hydrogen fuel trials are emerging across Australia, but a project in Tasmania is seeking to create an entirely renewable energy-generated supply chain.The state will soon have hydrogen fuel pumps at several service stations as governments and the private sector combine to try fast-track the uptake of zero-emissions vehicles in the heavy transport sector.

More concretely, Renault has released new electric models like the Dacia Spring and plans to release a remastered version of the 4L which will be produced in the Renault factory in Maubeuge. A race to the whole electric and the green energies which is shared by all car manufacturers.

The Japanese manufacturer Mazda also announced Tuesday, November 22, that it wanted its sales of electric cars to represent 25% to 40% of its world sales in 2030. To achieve this objective, the manufacturer plans to invest 1,500 billion yen (10.3 billion euros in the current course). This sum will be used to push its partner companies to electrify their vehicles. For its battery supply, Mazda also announced a partnership with AESC Invision, the Japanese subsidiary of the Chinese Battery Manufacturing Envision Company. A manufacturer also behind construction of the Gigafactory of Douai.

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