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Sport: Furore at "Everything that matters": This top-evil weight returns to the Steinkamp center

‘A stab in the heart’: Guy Sebastian condemns ‘evil’ acts of former manager

  ‘A stab in the heart’: Guy Sebastian condemns ‘evil’ acts of former manager The pop star told a Sydney judge that Titus Day’s years of “deceit” embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars had led him to the ‘darkest point’ in his life.Day was jailed on Thursday for four years after he was found guilty by a jury of embezzling $624,675 of Sebastian’s earnings, including royalties and performance fees, between 2013 and 2020.

Essen-it was ten years ago that a very specific arch enemy made the life of the Steinkamps hell. Now Dr. Axel Schwarz (Daniel Aichinger, 48) back to Essen and ensures thrills again with intrigues.

Simone Steinkamp kann ihren Augen nicht trauen: Plötzlich steht Dr. Axel Schwarz (l.) vor ihr. Julia Feldhagen/RTL © Julia Feldhagen/RTL Simone Steinkamp cannot trust her eyes: Suddenly Dr. Axel Schwarz (left) in front of her. Julia Feldhagen/RTL

From 2006 to 2012, Schwarz was the managing director of the Steinkamp Center and had done everything to ruin the company for many years. The ex-husband of Jenny Steinkamp (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen, 41) at some point settled abroad and has never been seen again-until now.

Because Justus Albrecht (Matthias Brüggenolte, 43) and Simone Steinkamp (Tatjana Clasing, 58) expect a visit from a BDE appraiser, whose assessment depends on the implementation of the ice excess center. When he enters the center, Simone doesn't trust her eyes.

Indigenous kids in care at 'alarming' rate

  Indigenous kids in care at 'alarming' rate A piling rig has collapsed onto the roof of a hospital in Melbourne's south-east, forcing hundreds of patients to evacuate the building.

It is black and the all -important question arises: Why does the villain return now?

because at that time he not only started an affair with Simone to get more power in the company.

he also blackmailed the entire family with records of a surveillance camera, on which Simone had approached Choreographer Nadja Roschinski (Birgit Würz, 55).

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Dr. Axel Schwarz (Daniel Aichinger, 48) kehrt als Gutachter ins Steinkamp-Zentrum zurück. Julia Feldhagen/RTL © Julia Feldhagen/RTL Dr. Axel Schwarz (Daniel Aichinger, 48) returns to the Steinkamp center as an expert. Julia Feldhagen/RTL Dr. Axel Schwarz returns to the Steinkamp-Zentrum

Weight and BMI: 3 questions on the body mass index

 Weight and BMI: 3 questions on the body mass index © Adobe Stock Weight and BMI: 3 questions on the body mass index by evaluating the corpulence of each thanks to a simple calculation, the index of body mass (BMI) makes it possible to determine the general state of health of an individual. But, a few questions surround this method. MEDISITE takes stock.

Daniel Aichinger is looking forward to his appearance Damals hatten Simone und Axel eine Affäre miteinander. Julia Feldhagen/RTL © Julia Feldhagen/RTL Back then Simone and Axel had an affair. Julia Feldhagen/RTL

At that time he asked for a wedding with Jenny - otherwise Simone would have migrated to prison for attempted murder. This and rather the intrigue has on the notch.

What will follow now remains a secret. At least actor Daniel Aichinger is looking forward to his commitment: "There were moments in the first days of shooting when I thought that time was standing still or was turning back and I really had to concentrate on where I am. This is almost absurd , irritating and at the same time very familiar and joyful. It is great fun to play the same role again after 10 years that apparently slumbered all the time. "

How does he estimate the role of Dr. Axel black? "I think you will recognize him. But he has certainly changed in the meantime. The fact that he was on the ground and has nothing to lose makes him more straightforward, unscrupulous and dangerous. But his weaknesses are still there," explains there he.

Bruce Lehrmann retrial will not go ahead

  Bruce Lehrmann retrial will not go ahead The charge of sexual assault against Bruce Lehrmann is expected to be dropped today because of the mental trauma a trial would cause Brittany Higgins, and the ACT and NT can now again make assisted dying laws.To a completely different court case now and today 74-year-old Chris Dawson will learn his fate for the murder of his first wife, Lynette Dawson, who vanished from their home on Sydney’s northern beaches in 1982. Dawson has been in custody since August when he was found guilty, the Brisbane Times reports — today NSW Supreme Court judge Ian Harrison will hand down his jail term at noon. Lynette’s body has never been found.

The villain has its first appearance next Tuesday (December 6th) at 7.05 p.m. at RTL. If you can't wait, you can find the episode this evening at RTL+ .

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