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Sport: Nuclear: Greenpeace denounces the "scandalous" pursuit of uranium trade between France and Russia

Why Kanye West’s career may be over

  Why Kanye West’s career may be over Kanye West has long been a lightning rod for controversy, but his most recent comments and actions have clearly gone too far. He’s alienated almost everyone at this point, and is running out of places to speak out (which is probably why he’s buying Parler). Unfortunately, the signs for this happening were always there, and after reading this lengthy list of Ye’s misdeeds, you’ll likely be “So Appalled.”

The NGO claims in particular the termination of contracts with the Russian group Rosatom and its subsidiaries.

  Nucléaire : Greenpeace dénonce la poursuite © supplied by Franceinfo

Despite the war in Ukraine, France continues to import Uranium in Russia. "Dozens of enriched uranium barrels and ten natural uranium containers from Russia" were transported by Cargo in the port of Dunkirk, Tuesday, November 29, to be loaded "aboard a train and several trucks whose destinations could be Pierrelatte in France and/or Lingen, Germany, "says Greenpeace.

Exchanges that have made the NGO which calls on the French government to stop "the Uranium Trade" between France and Russia, when deliveries continue to war, in the absence of sanctions in the absence of sanctions, in the absence of sanctions international Russian civilian nuclear power. In a press release, "Greenpeace requests the final cessation of all nuclear trade with Russia".

Diplomacy with Putin is neither intrinsically moral nor strategically wise

  Diplomacy with Putin is neither intrinsically moral nor strategically wise Diplomacy can moderate human suffering, but often only on the margins. Stepping too far in that direction can have substantial costs.And today, it’s no longer just pundits pushing for a negotiated settlement. The US House of Representatives’ progressive caucus penned a letter to President Joe Biden calling for a diplomatic solution, only to retract it a short time later. Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised to scrutinise military aid to Ukraine and push for an end to the war. Even Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley has reportedly pushed for Ukraine to negotiate, although he subsequently made clear that the decision should be Kyiv’s alone.

Framatome confirms

Greenpeace deliveries also claims "the termination of all current contracts between the French nuclear industry and Rosatom [the Russian nuclear giant] as well as its subsidiaries, starting with contracts concerning the uranium trade between Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom, and respectively EDF and Orano ".

While the Ukrainian conflict is raging, "it is the usual business as between France, Europe and Russia. Scandalous", denounces Pauline Boyer, in charge of nuclear campaigns and energy transition for Greenpeace France.

The manufacturer of nuclear power plants and supplier of Framatome fuel, a subsidiary of EDF, confirmed on Tuesday evening with AFP that the loading identified in Dunkirk concerned a "delivery of material for the manufacture of nuclear fuels" to its Roman-sur-Isère factory (Drôme). This fuel is then intended for its "customers and in particular the French nuclear park," he said.

Russian atrocities bring Nato closer than ever

  Russian atrocities bring Nato closer than ever Despite fears of fatigue, Nato allies are closer than ever after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.Of course when you chat to officials in the soulless, concrete monolith that is Nato HQ here in Brussels, no-one expresses pleasure at the current situation in Europe after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But they are quick to tell you how surprised, amazed or encouraged they are, and that the alliance is so "very" united.

Uranium recycling

The Orano nuclear group (ex-AREVA), another major player in the sector, said to AFP that "these transports did not concern its materials or its facilities". On the other hand, he confirmed to have delivered to Russia "five or six" Transport of reprocessing uranium (URT) of which he owned until October, to the Seversk factory in Rosatom, as part of a contract signed in 2020 relating to a total volume of 1,150 tonnes.

Orano had confirmed in early October in Franceinfo that this contract had been "ended" and "that no new contract relating to the purchase or sale of nuclear materials has been signed [by the group] since the Trigger of the war. "

resulting from the treatment of fuels, the URT (or recycling uranium) can be reused to produce new fuel after being converted and then re-enriched. This URT was exported to Russia because Orano "does not have a conversion workshop," said the spokesperson. EDF signed in 2018 a contract of 600 million euros with a subsidiary of Rosatom, Tenex, for "recycling the retired uranium of EDF". "The decision to continue certain relations is notably taken in compliance with sanctions international, "said EDF in an email addressed to AFP, without referring to a particular contract.

Russia is expanding its nuclear arsenal, U.S. defense secretary says .
By Idrees Ali OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. (Reuters) -Russia is expanding and modernizing its nuclear arsenal, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Friday at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin, faced with setbacks in Ukraine, has repeatedly suggested he could use nuclear weapons. Austin's comments are in line with a recent Pentagon policy document on nuclear arms. Russia has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world, with close to 6,000 warheads, according to experts. Together, Russia and the United States together hold around 90% of the world's nuclear warheads - enough to destroy the planet many times over.

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