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Sport: Riffe in danger: Ostseetunnel again employs the BVG in Leipzig

New Timetable from December 11th

 New Timetable from December 11th This affects the regional trains to Dresden and Leipzig. © Symbolfoto: Mirko Kolodziej Hoyerswerda. With the change of timetable on December 11, the regional trains from Hoyerswerda to Dresden and Leipzig each run by one hour. This means that e.g. the trains to Dresden at 7.33 a.m. and 9:33 a.m. instead of 8.33 a.m. and 10:33 a.m. According to Leipzig, it will not be, for example, at 7.33 a.m., but only at 8.33 a.m., everything every 2 hours.

Leipzig/Kiel - Two years after the basic decision on the Baltic Sea tunnel between Germany and Denmark, the Federal Administrative Court has again dealt with the construction.

Die Visualisierung des geplanten Fehmarnbelt-Tunnels zwischen Deutschland und Dänemark mit dem Tunneleingang auf dänischer Seite bei Rodbyhavn. ICONO A/S/Femern A/S/dpa © icono A/S/Femern A/S/dpa The visualization of the planned Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Germany and Denmark with the tunnel entrance on the Danish side at Rodbyhavn. ICONO A/S/Femern A/S/dpa

On Wednesday in Leipzig it was about the complementary plans to protected reefs affected by the tunnel construction.

The campaign alliance against a fixed Fehmarnbelt crossing and the Federal Association of NABU and the State Association Schleswig-Holstein have filed a lawsuit.

Catorina Rowntree has to 'run for her life' from 'crazy' elephant

  Catorina Rowntree has to 'run for her life' from 'crazy' elephant African safaris are Catorina Rowntree's go-to holiday.But the Getaway host, 51, last trip resulted in a brush with death after she was chased by a 'crazy' charging elephant.

The federal judges should decide whether the planned compensation areas are sufficient for the interventions. When the court will announce a decision was initially open. In November 2020,

generally gave the Federal Administrative Court for the construction of the tunnel and rejected complaints. At that time, however, the reefs were excluded, which had only been discovered after the original planning was completed. The construction work for the tunnel has long been running.

of the approximately 18-kilometer road and railway tunnels is expected to connect from 2029 to the German Baltic island of Fehmarn and the Danish island of Lolland.

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Infection wave loads Sachsen's children's clinics

 Infection wave loads Sachsen's children's clinics The wave of respiratory infections among 0 to 15 year olds puts the children's clinics in Saxony to its limits. "It is not as bad as in other federal states such as Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia or Berlin," says Reinhard Berner, director of the children's clinic at the University Hospital Dresden. But there is an enormous rush nationwide for practices and emergency rooms.

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Chemnitz: In these 5 districts, the city shows itself from its beautiful side

It should shorten the travel time between Hamburg and Copenhagen from five hours to under three hours so far.

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Henry Cavill is out! Confusion about new "Superman" film .
Los Angeles-filmmaker James Gunn (56, "Suicide Squad") writes on a new "Superman" film-for which the British actor Henry Cavill (39) does not again in the superhero cape will slip. © Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/dpa The British actor Henry Cavill (39) will no longer be seen in the new "Superman" strip. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/dpa "In the first sections, our story will focus on a previous part in Superman's life, so the character will not be played by Henry Cavill," said Gunn on Twitter.

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