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Sport: Máxima of the Netherlands: Ton in sound-a luxury accessory becomes an eye-catcher

'It was just too fast for me': Snake catcher's brush with death

  'It was just too fast for me': Snake catcher's brush with death Every job has its occupational hazards - but there aren't many where you run a daily risk of hospitalisation. © Provided by Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright heads to NT after arrest warrant issued Yet that's exactly where Darling Downs snake catcher Gunter Glasser ended up after he tangled with an eastern brown snake last week.Glasser was called out to Oakey on Friday, where he ended up sustaining a bite on his left index finger.

royal visit Noordeinde in the Hague! Queen Máxima (51) travels for a presentation of the "Mind Us" foundation, which deals with strengthening young people's mental health. For this appointment, the Queen of the Netherlands took a striking color: purple. The 51-year-old is dressed entirely in the trend color. This outfit combines you with a blue bag and a luxury accessory. However, this can only be guessed at second glance.

which is meant luxury accessory, you can find out in the video above.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands: concern for the eldest daughter

The eldest daughter of King Willem-Alander of the Netherlands and Queen Máxima, Princess Amalia (19), is currently the family's problem child. The princess celebrates her 19th birthday on December 7th, 2022 - but unfortunately she still keeps hidden. These are security measures, Da threat in the form of kidnapping plans of the Dutch mafia. The parents are certainly worried about their eldest daughter, but it is probably the worst for Princess Amalia. So the threat came in their way to her study plans and the young princess must now celebrate her birthday behind closed doors.

Simple explanation for why Princess Mary curtsied to Camilla but Queen Rania didn't

  Simple explanation for why Princess Mary curtsied to Camilla but Queen Rania didn't A clip of European royal women has royal fans puzzled, wondering why Crown Princess Mary of Denmark was made to curtsy to Camilla, Queen Consort, while others like Queen Rania of Spain didn't. The European royals gathered at Buckingham Palace on November 30th to raise awareness of violence against women and girls. Among the guests were Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, Queen Mathilde of the Belgians, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. "Today, a remarkable group of people gathered at Buckingham Palace with one aim – to see the end of violence against women and girls.

The royal couple also has Royal obligations on the honorary day of their daughter: they take part in the awarding of the "Prince Claus Impact Awards 2022". Since her 18th birthday, Princess Amalia has been taking over public duties as a constitutional member of the Dutch State Council. It remains to be seen whether she will soon be able to accompany her mother on different appointments.

In the video below you can see the Dutch royal family united.

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