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Sport: Pablo Escobars bombed villa and other luxury ruins

Experts reveal the baby names set to soar in popularity in 2023

  Experts reveal the baby names set to soar in popularity in 2023 Set to welcome a new baby next year, or surrounded by pregnant friends? Here's a list of the names you may be hearing a lot of next year, according to a list of the monikers set to go big in 2023, by website Nameberry. Editors from the site, billed as an authority on all things baby names, compiled a list of their predictions for next year's 'rising stars' of names. So get your pen and shortlist ready, as we take you through their top picks. READ MORE: Roxy Jacenko shares daughter Pixie's lavish Christmas list © Getty While some names, like Rose, were very traditional, there were some surprise inclusions.

Comedian Kurt Krömer , who is actually called Alexander Bojan, apparently has enough of the show business! After it has just been known that will be set up his successful talk show "Chez Krömer" , the next bad news is now following for his fans. According to information from the mirror, Alexander is said to have said at his last stage show:

  Aus und vorbei: Kurt Krömer will seine Karriere beenden © Imago / Stefan Schmidbauer

"People, I think that's the 24th out of 63 shows of this tour. It will go until June 3 next year. And then I stop. I was on tour for 25 years and never took a break. ”He added how it is typical for the comedian with a wink:“ I always ended a show on Sundays and told me: 'That's it, now you live from yours Save. ”

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to Krömer-Klat: Faisal Kawusi is talking about Twitch and not missing collar : Now secure the hottest deals at Amazon! : When and with whom it continues? Kurt Krömer: "My body has repelled this format" already at Instagram, he recently took a breath of his displeasure and explained how "Grotesk" he found that so many people were happy about the attitude of "Chez Krömer". He knew that it would have happened sooner or later anyway. The 48-year-old concluded with honest words:

“My body rejected this format at some point. I got up with a bad mood in the morning, I am in a bad mood, I torn the editorial sessions with a bad mood and made the show, with a bad mood ”- seems like the end was inevitable!


Pope orders return of 2,500-year-old Parthenon pieces to Greece from Vatican's collection .
The Vatican said that the pope was giving them to Ieronymos II, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, as a gesture of ecumenical dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church. The Parthenon, which is on the Acropolis in Athens, was completed in the fifth century BC as a temple to the goddess Athena and its decorative friezes contain some of the greatest examples of ancient Greek sculpture.It was not immediately clear what plans Ieronymos had for the small sculptures.

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