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Sport: France (very) badly placed in a ranking on the best gastronomy in the world!

Top 10 most trendy dishes in 2022 in the world according to Deliveroo

 Top 10 most trendy dishes in 2022 in the world according to Deliveroo Deliveroo reveals its 2022 ranking of the most trendy dishes in the world according to its customers. And it’s a dish served in Paris that comes first. The Deliveroo order platform unveils its ranking of the most trendy dishes of the past year, according to the advice of its customers. And it is a dish served at Paris which dominates the classification: the Pita Chawarma Chicken, served by Mezzencore in the French capital, is acclaimed.

L'Italie et ses nombreuses spécialités culinaires arrive en tête du classement des internautes © Pixabay Italy and its many culinary specialties leads to the ranking of Internet users France is in a bad posture in a global ranking of the best culinary destinations, established according to a vote by Internet users.

France best culinary destination in the world, is it a myth or a reality? It all depends on tastes. But the latest ranking published by the Tasteatlas Culinary Tourist Guide, established according to notes given by Internet users at restaurants, suggests that the French Gastronomy can have a concern to be done, because the competition is tough. The classification recalls the best specialties of each country and gives many addresses where to taste them. 1 Italy

Sylvie Tellier leaves the Miss France committee: "Good luck", let go of Geneviève de Fontenay!

 Sylvie Tellier leaves the Miss France committee: © Abaca Sylvie Tellier leaves the Miss France committee: "Good luck", let go of Geneviève de Fontenay! During the last election of Miss France, Saturday December 17, it was finally Indira Ampiot who was crowned. Viewers also attended the farewells of Sylvie Tellier . " This year sign for me the start of a new professional adventure. I turn the page of the book Miss France by leaving the general management of the company.


Italy arrives in first position. The country is distinguished by its cheeses, its cold meats, its risottos, its pasta and its pizzas. A selection of 3,000 restaurants is offered. 2 Greece

Fruits, Feta, Olive Oil, Tzatzíki, Moussaka… The

Greece is full of culinary specialties and ranks second. 3 Spain

The edges of the Mediterranean Sea seem to be at the center of the gastronomic world according to Internet users. The

Spain is third and is distinguished for its paellas, its Gaspacho or its cold meats (and in particular its Iberian ham). 4 Japan


Japan is the first non -European country in the ranking. The island state is a privileged destination for its sushi restaurants, but not only. 5 India

renowned for its traditional cuisine, often very fragrant and spicy,

India ranks in fifth position. 6 Mexico

The most hilarious characters of Will Ferrell

 The most hilarious characters of Will Ferrell Cindy Fabre is now at the head of Miss France. She succeeds Sylvie Tellier as director of the beauty competition. © Instagram/@cindyfabreoff Cindy Fabre was elected Miss France in 2005, she was the 75ᵉ French beauty queen. Eighteen years after her election, the 37-year-old young woman takes the title of director of the Miss France competition. She took her first steps in this role during the coronation of the new beauty queen on Saturday December 17.


Mexico is designated as the best gastronomic destination on the American continent, a recognition for its very varied cuisine. 7 Turkey

The Kebab, of course, but also dairy or cold meats seem to have won the Internet users who classify the

Turkey Sept. 8 United States

Even the

United States goes beyond France. Burgers or many desserts (cupcakes, brownies, etc.) seem to seduce Internet users. 9 France

So you have to go down to ninth place to find

France . A bad surprise certainly, but our country remains recognized for its traditional dishes (Croque-Monsieur, Quiche Lorraine), its cheeses or its desserts, without forgetting the wand and the croissants. More than a thousand restaurants are distinguished with the vote of Internet users.

The sequel to the classification:

10 Peru

11 chine

12 Brazil

13 Portugal

14 Poland

15 Germany

16 Indonesia

17 Croatia

18 Argentinian

19 South Korea

20 Vietnam

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