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Sport: The ‘Nostradamus living’ makes a surprising prediction concerning the zone 51

Corona: Why could you lose the sense of taste and smell. to fight. A new study suggests that people who suffered a so -called anosmia when infection with the virus had twice as many

 Corona: Why could you lose the sense of taste and smell. to fight. A new study suggests that people who suffered a so -called anosmia when infection with the virus had twice as many neutralizing antibodies as humans, who were also infected with the virus, but can still smell and taste normally. © provided by Gentside Covid-19: Why to lose the sense of taste and smell could also be good Whoever laughs last ... The study that was carried out in 2020 in New York is based on an analysis of antibodies of 266 people in a period of at least two weeks, after their symptoms have largely disappeared and they have no longer showed signs of active infection, says Everyday Health.

Plus de 150 000 observations d'OVNI ont été signalées dans le monde entier au cours des cinq dernières décennies. Ces rencontres rapprochées ont été enregistrées par le National UFO Reporting Center américain depuis 1974. Le site Web de l'organisation indique : « Au cours de son histoire, le centre a traité plus de 150 000 rapports et a distribué ses informations à des milliers de personnes. » Les résultats ont révélé que Washington est l'endroit le plus susceptible de repérer un OVNI, puisque 88 résidents sur 100 000 affirment avoir vu un engin spatial. Selon les données, le mois de juillet est le plus fréquent de l'année pour les observations d’OVNI. Le Centre affirme que c'est l'endroit le plus fiable pour signaler des rencontres extraterrestres. Le centre déclare : « L'indépendance du Centre par rapport à toutes les autres organisations liées aux OVNI combinée à sa politique de longue date garantissant l'anonymat aux appelants, a contribué à en faire le centre national de signalement des OVNI le plus populaire et le plus largement accepté. » Le centre ajoute: « L'une des politiques du Centre, qui distingue ses opérations de la plupart des autres organisations liées aux OVNI, est qu'il met à la disposition du public toutes ses données sous forme de résumé. » © supplied by Bang Showbiz more than 150,000 UFO observations have been reported worldwide in the past five decades. These close encounters have been recorded by the National UFO Reporting Center American since 1974. The organization's website indicates: "During its history, the Center processed more than 150,000 reports and distributed its information to thousands of people. The results have revealed that Washington is the most likely place to spot a UFO, since 88 residents out of 100,000 say they saw a spacecraft. According to data, the month of July is the most frequent of the year for UFO observations. The center says it is the most reliable place to report extraterrestrial meetings. The Center declares: "The independence of the center compared to all other organizations related to UFOs combined with its long -standing policy guaranteeing anonymity to appellants, has helped make it the National Center for the most popular UFO reporting and mostly accepted. "The center adds:" One of the Center's policies, which distinguishes its operations from most other organizations related to UFOs, is that it provides the public with all its data in the form of a summary.

As the end of the year is approaching, the "Nostradamus living" made a surprising prediction concerning zone 51.

Surprising front visit: Selenskyj in Bachmut

 Surprising front visit: Selenskyj in Bachmut The Ukrainian president has completed a surprising troop visit - in the epicenter of war in Ukraine, in Bachmuth. Wolodymyr Selenskyj presented bravery medals to soldiers who endure the most competitive part of the front against the Russian troops. © AP/UKRAINIAN PRESIDITIAL PRESS Office The Ukrainian president has completed a surprising troop visit - in the epicenter of the war in Ukraine, in Bakhmut.

Athos Salomé, who claims to have predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II this year as well as the war in Ukraine and The COVVI-19 pandemic, said 2023 would be a special year for the famous military zone.

Many people claim that the secret zone hides UFOs and many other mysterious projects.

Salomé said to the Daily Star: "The area has a tunnel under the ground level, which leads to a three -dimensional portal, whose opening is scheduled for 2023." `

He added:" This portal would be able to transport People between spatio-temporal dimensions. There is a tunnel that leads to another place and this access is what everyone wants to play God or the gods. This may seem an impossible reality, but it is used and worked by the occult sciences. In the same way that it happens in Antarctica, as if all of this was linked.

Salomé also says that Elon Musk, Tesla and Twitter boss, is aware of the energy under the area and that it could be used to develop a new futuristic technology.

He said: "What is hidden there is so powerful that, recently, billionaire Elon Musk even revealed in an interview that his company SpaceX has not only a secret zone of advanced technology, known as From zone 59, but that, according to the businessman, she develops much more robust projects and prototypes. »

Delphine Jubillar's body found at the "water bottom"? This new track which intrigues, "they are looking for a body on the surface" .
The words of this resident could well advance the investigation. He thus intends to demonstrate that Delphine Jubillar's body is underwater. © DR This is a matter that continues to flow a lot of ink since the end of 2020. The disappearance of Delphine Jubillar deeply marked the French. Many are wondering about the disappearance of the Cagnacian nurse in the evening of December 15, 2020.

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