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Sport: Ceremony coats, carpets, BJOUX: an exhibition devoted to Uzbekistan arts at the Institute of the Arab World

Kissinger calls for a negotiated peace in Ukraine, Kyiv dismisses his proposal

  Kissinger calls for a negotiated peace in Ukraine, Kyiv dismisses his proposal By Guy Faulconbridge (Reuters) -Veteran U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger said the time is approaching for a negotiated peace in Ukraine to reduce the risk of another devastating world war, but the Kyiv government dismissed his comments as amounting to "appeasing the aggressor" and said there could be no deal involving ceding territory. Kissinger, 99, and an architect of the Cold War policy of detente towards the Soviet Union as secretary of state under Republican presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, has met Russia's Vladimir Putin multiple times since he first became president in 2000. There is no end in sight to the conflict sparked by Putin's Feb.

and if you set off to discover the Arts of Uzbekistan? Two exhibitions invite you there at the moment in Paris: the first at the Louvre museum and the second at the Institut du Monde Arab. The latter highlights the work of Uzbeke artisans.

As soon as the exhibition is entry, the tone is set. Here, craft pieces are real masterpieces. In a showcase, four pickers, large ceremonial coats welcome the visitor. "These coats are works of art, entirely embroidered with gold, gold thread," said Yaffa Assouline, general commissioner of the exhibition. Before continuing: "These coats represent for me jewelry something unique."

10 curiosities that you may not have known about rock singers

  10 curiosities that you may not have known about rock singers Coldplay, Bono, Elvis Presley and more: all the protagonists of the history of music have had special lives and something sensational to tell. Especially rock musicians know well that they often lead a life outside any scheme, almost on the edge of madness (sometimes even beyond this limit). Browse the photo gallery to know the anecdotes about the greatest rock stars of all time, from the sixties to the present day! Did you already know them or will you discover them today?

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These exceptional pieces date from the end of the 19th and early 20th century, when the emirs relaunched art crafts, valuing ancestral know-how. Among these coats, that of the last emir of Boukhara which reigned from 1911 to 1920. "It is a silk brocade which is entirely covered with gold, proclaims Iman Moinzadeh, one of the curators of the exhibition. We see plant patterns , we see flowers, it is really a symbol that we see on a lot of Uzbeque fabrics presented in the exhibition. At the back, there is a very large medallion which was once decorated with diamonds and topaz. "

These ceremonial coats, reserved for men, come out for the first time from Uzbekistan. There are twenty-five in the exhibition. We are dazzled by this work as an artist, carried out in the workshops of the emir. But crafts are also exercised in the intimacy of houses where women create the Souzani, large pieces of embroidered fabric. The Souzani who also decorate the interior of houses make paintings think. At the end of the course, new wonder with an installation of tunics in Ikat, this colored fabric with blurred patterns.

After Philadelphia and Before Paris, the big exhibition Harry Potter is in Vienna

 After Philadelphia and Before Paris, the big exhibition Harry Potter is in Vienna The universe of the famous sorcerer created by J. K. Rowling unfolds on 3,000 m2 in Vienna, in an exhibition that will then come to Paris in March © Supplied by Franceinfo Discovering the costumes of the films, imagining yourself at Hogwarts school or concocting a virtual potion: the Monster Exhibition of the Harry Potter universe makes a European first stage in Vienna before settling in Paris at Paris spring.

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of carpets, jewelry and unique objects like this wedding cap of the Karakalpak people, combining textiles and goldsmithery are also to be discovered in this exhibition, a real invitation to travel. " on the roads of Samarcande" , an exhibition to see in Paris at the Institut du Monde Arabic until June 4.

Lebanon detains Hezbollah supporter in probe of Irish U.N. peacekeeper's killing .
BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Lebanese army detained over the weekend a main suspect in the recent killing of an Irish U.N. peacekeeper in a move coordinated with powerful armed group Hezbollah, two security sources and a Hezbollah spokesperson said. The man is a supporter of the Iran-backed militia and heavyweight political party, but not a member of the group, the Hezbollah spokesperson told Reuters. The security sources said the man was suspected of firing shots at a United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) vehicle that was travelling through south Lebanon on Dec. 15. Private Sean Rooney, 23, was killed in the incident, the first fatal attack on U.N.

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