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Sport: Patrick Sébastien reveals the origin of the Grand Bluff

The LR Jean Rottner lets go of the Grand Est region, its seat sharpens the appetites

 The LR Jean Rottner lets go of the Grand Est region, its seat sharpens the appetites © Jean-Christophe Verhaegen Jean Rottner, LR president of the Grand-Est region, in Metz on March 5, 2022. We expected this That he makes his map of the Republicans, in a assumed slinger of the line of the new president of the party, Eric Ciotti, not to what he slams the door. After twenty years to patiently carve the suit of Baron Local, Jean Rottner, ex-mayor of Mulhouse (of which he was still a municipal councilor) and president of the Grand Est region, hung up all his caps.

Patrick Sébastien © provided by Cover Media Patrick Sébastien

this Tuesday at 9:10 p.m., C8 will broadcast an unprecedented documentary devoted to the cult program Le Grand Bluff which celebrates its thirty years.

In this program, Patrick Sébastien trapped his colleagues and friends there with more true than life disguises. And if he has indeed amazed as much as laughs, the artist has just revealed how he came the idea of ​​this program which marked the spirits. And it was following a personal drama, the death of his son in July 1990.

his son Sébastien died of his injuries after a motorcycle accident. He was 19 years old. "I did not want to recognize the body in the morgue. In my subconscious, I always have this idea that it was not him. One evening, in the summer of 1992, I stopped in a service station and I see a biker dressed in black. He takes off his helmet, he wears the beard and in my head I say to myself: "Remove it, I recognized you". Going back into the car, I decided that I was going to disguise myself and will trap people I know, "says Patrick Sébastien.

The Grand Bluff met with enormous success with 18 million viewers, or almost 74% of the public. Today, it remains the entertainment show that has gathered the most people in the history of French television.

"That evening, I had decided to put it back in the light": Patrick Sébastien pays tribute to Linda de Suza by broadcasting an extract from his return to TV (video) .
your browser does not support this video " She was in the shadows" Patrick Sébastien recorded a message on her YouTube channel to evoke the artist and pay him tribute. "There is a friend who left us, I am obviously talking about Linda de Suza", he said in the preamble to her video. To greet the singer's memory, he chose to broadcast the images " of a somewhat special sequence", his arrival in in the happiness years. " It had been a very long time since she had passed on television.

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