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Sport: up to 50 percent loss: E-cars in winter make a clear range of an

This is the new trend color for sneakers in the winter of 2022 - thanks to stars like Bella Hadid

 This is the new trend color for sneakers in the winter of 2022 - thanks to stars like Bella Hadid White Sneakers seem to be inviolable. Again and again there are new shoe trends , but every time the bright trend shoe seems to win the race for the most popular sneaker. Until now, because the white sneaker probably didn't expect Styleicon Bella Hadid . The 26-year-old has recently not been spotted in white, but in blue sneakers . When she was traveling in New York, she was wearing the new sneaker trend 2022 , which could soon overthrow the old white sneakers from the throne.

Auto fährt durch Winterlandschaft. Winterliche Temperaturen belasten die Akkus von E-Autos – auf Kosten der Reichweite. © Matthias Bein/dpa car drives through winter landscape. Winter temperatures strain the batteries of electric cars-at the expense of the range. up to 50 percent loss: E-cars in winter pay significantly to an

. Those who have an electric car, sometimes only get half as far in winter. This is shown by calculations by the ADAC. The battery is particularly popular.

Hardly falls into the minus area in winter, the consumption skyrocketed for electric cars. One explanation is the heating of the interior, windscreen or the car seats - the energy for it comes from the drive battery. But that's not the only reason: The battery is simply too cold in winter. According to ADAC, its "feel -good temperature" is much higher, namely between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius . The electrochemistry works optimally in this temperature range, which is why the car tries in winter to keep making this zone - at the expense of energy consumption.

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The larger the battery of the electric car and the colder the outside temperature, the more energy is necessary. "In particular on the short distance, the consumption of an electric car can increase by up to 50 percent-according to the range on the on-board computer display," explains the ADAC on its website.

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with how much

ranger loss drivers of electric cars must calculate in winter ( On short and commuter routes), see the following overview:

range after auto modeling +14 ° CBi- 7 ° C Verlustfiat 500e244 km25 %Renault Zoe351 km30 %Hyundai Kona Electric215 km32 %Ford Mach-E300 km202 km33 %Lexus Uх- $ E224 km141 km37 %Nissan Leaf E+332 km37 %VW ID.3324 km50 %

Popular Christmas Court: Price for potato salad increases significantly

 Popular Christmas Court: Price for potato salad increases significantly On Christmas Eve, he comes up with many people: potato salad. Together with sausages, the Mayo and vinegar-and-oil variant are one of the classics of the Christmas cuisine . As with most other foods, the price for the banquet this year has increased significantly. The court costs an average of 23.4 percent more compared to the previous year, as the Institute of German Business from Cologne (IW) reports. © dpa potato salad and Bockwurst are a popular dish at Christmas.


By the way, so many reach Models from Tesla, BMW or Mercedes in cold.

range losses on short distance usually unproblematic

The energy consumption and thus the electricity costs are significantly higher in winter for electric cars, especially when driving below. But there is also good news:

range losses on the short distance are relatively unproblematic for drivers. After all, you usually have enough opportunity to recharge your electric car-be it at home at the Wallbox or at the charging station in front of the supermarket. and even in front of a traffic jam, according to ADAC, drivers do not need to be afraid in winter: “

An electric car consumes relatively little energy

even in winter. With an electric car in a traffic jam, the heating can easily run at icy cold for several hours at well -being temperatures, ”says a contribution on the website. You don't have any e-car yet? Then maybe an auto subscription for electric cars could be considered for you: Which models are available and how high the monthly costs are, read here. (AS)

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