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Tech & Science : Bahn wants to invest more than 1.4 billion euros in plants

Scientists Find a Virus That's Evolved to Protect Its Host - Depending on The Weather

  Scientists Find a Virus That's Evolved to Protect Its Host - Depending on The Weather In a fascinating discovery, a widespread virus that usually harms plants from the cabbage family, such as broccoli and cauliflower, has been seen actually benefiting its hosts in times of crisis. During periods of drought, researchers have found the turnip mosaic virus can switch from a hindrance to a help, altering its host's circadian clock so the plant loses less water. In the study, when a species of wild weed, known as the thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana), was infected with a particular variant of the virus, researchers found the plant was 25 percent more likely to survive subsequent water stress. And it all seems to hinge on the weather.

In the coming years, Deutsche Bahn plans to invest more than 1.4 billion euros in the expansion of storage facilities and plants for operational maintenance in Germany.

Das Logo der Deutschen Bahn prangt auf einem ICE. © Silas Stein / dpa / Symbolbild / Archiv The Deutsche Bahn logo is emblazoned on an ICE.

“The quality is made in the infrastructure and in the factories,” said Berthold Huber, the board member for passenger transport, of the German press agency. “That's why we said that first of all we want to invest in more vehicles and in new vehicles. But then we also need significantly more maintenance capacities. "

At a total of eleven locations in Germany and Switzerland, capacities are to be expanded for so-called light maintenance. This involves maintenance close to operation in order to make the trains fit again within a few hours for operation the next day or to prepare new vehicles for initial operation.

Sanofi increases its dividend thanks to an annual net profit of + 340%

 Sanofi increases its dividend thanks to an annual net profit of + 340% © Supplied by La Tribune The French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi will propose an increasing dividend after having published Friday a net profit in very strong progression in 2020, boosted by the sale of its Regeneron shares. In detail, the net profit of the laboratory - which is under fire from critics for the delay of its anti-Covid vaccine and its job cuts in research - reached 12.3 billion euros against 2 , 8 billion a year earlier, an increase of nearly 340%.

Deutsche Bahn is investing the largest share with 400 million euros in Nuremberg, where a completely new maintenance facility is to be built by 2028. “Nuremberg is very suitable for us geographically and in terms of circulation,” said Huber. "That's why we want to build a new plant there." The parking facilities there will also be expanded for a further 20 million euros.

More than 270 million euros will flow into the expansion of maintenance capacities to Berlin by 2026, and around 225 million euros to Frankfurt / Main by 2030. "We now want to do everything we can to ensure that people find out after the pandemic: traveling by train is much smarter than getting back in the car," said Huber. "In order to maintain new vehicles, we also have to adapt and convert some plants." In addition, Deutsche Bahn intends to hire more than 1,000 additional employees for the plants in the coming years.

Deutsche Börse in Corona year with good business

 Deutsche Börse in Corona year with good business In times of crisis, the financial markets are usually brisk. Deutsche Börse also benefited from this for much of the past year. © Arne Dedert / dpa This Wednesday, the Frankfurt market operator publishes its balance sheet for 2020 after the market closes in the evening. The Dax group should have redeemed and earned more in 2020 than ever before.

Currently, Deutsche Bahn expects a new ICE-4 train from Siemens every three weeks. Around 75 of the trains are to be delivered by summer, with a total of 137 by 2025. In the summer of last year, Deutsche Bahn also ordered 30 new ICE-3 trains from the Munich technology group Siemens for one billion euros. The first should be on the way at the end of 2022.

In addition to operational maintenance, Deutsche Bahn also invests in heavy maintenance. The trains are maintained much more thoroughly over several weeks in order to prepare them for the TÜV, for example. The most prominent construction site will be the new maintenance facility in Cottbus, in which the federal government and the railways are investing around one billion euros. A new ICE hall for heavy maintenance of the ICE 4 is planned at the location of today's Cottbus railway works. Around 1100 new jobs and 100 training positions are to be created there by 2026.

Fresenius achieves 2020 annual targets - earnings improvements planned .
The series of negative news continues at the health group Fresenius, which was once used to success. © Provided by Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images The hospital and medical group Fresenius wants to reduce its costs because of the stresses caused by the corona pandemic.

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