Tech & Science : Core Web Vitals: Only 3 percent of German websites reach a good measured value

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soon Google wants to use the core web vital metrics as a ranking factor. The German-speaking web is really well prepared but apparently not.

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With the Core Web Vital Measures, Google measures the user-friendliness of a website using multiple signals. The metrics were presented for 2020. Due to the corona crisis, the search engine provider has repeatedly shifted the introduction of the Core Web Vitals as part of a new ranking factor. But soon it will start: from mid-June 2021, the Core Web Vital's measured values ​​of a website will have a gradual impact on their ranking.

Background: Core Web Vitals - Google's key figures to evaluate the user experience explains

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Really well prepared are local websites but apparently not, as a recent examination of the SEO platform Searchmetrics shows. Of the more than two million German-speaking websites, according to the study, only three percent achieve good value in all three categories of Core Web Vital's measurement.

Core Web Vitals: Thus, German websites from

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The Core Web Vitals consist of a total of three measured values. The first means Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and measures the render time of the largest page elements within the visible range of a website. As a good LCP value, Google defines everything below 2.5 seconds. Based on the average values ​​of the 20 highly placed Google results there are no problems here. On average, according to Searchmetrics, your LCP value is 2.47 seconds. The five highly placed organic hits on average even at 1.93 seconds.

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The second value of the Core Web Vitals designates Google as First Input Delay (FID). Here, it is measured how much time between the first user activity and the response of the website passes. For example, the delay is meant between the click on a button and the associated action. However, since this value remains to zero without any interaction, the creators of the SearchMetrics study have decided to use a different measured value instead.

The Core Web Vitals at a glance. (Graphics: Google)

as a replacement for FID put the study authors on the Total Blocking Time (TBT). It measures how many charging events can hold users from interacting with a website. Unfortunately, many German websites do not cut well with this replacement measurement. The 20 highly placed Google results are on average by 43.5 percent slower than the Google benchmark of 300 milliseconds.

The third Core Web Vital specification means Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). It serves as a key figure for visual stability of a website. Here it is measured how often side elements move unexpectedly. For example, asynchronously charged images are meant, which suddenly move the layout of a text. Again, most of the 20 highly placed websites did not do well. According to Searchmetrics, they were on average 215.7 percent worse than that of Google as well defined value of 0.1.

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