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Covestro share turns into minus: Covestro increases earnings forecast for the third time

 Covestro share turns into minus: Covestro increases earnings forecast for the third time Covestro has increased the earnings forecast for the third time this year after strong and surprisingly significantly profitable growth in the past quarter. © Provided by Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP / GettyImages The operating result will rise to 3.0 to 3.2 billion euros instead of being announced in summer to 2.7 to 3.1 billion euros, the material manufacturer shared in Leverkusen with. In the third quarter, Covestro exceeded expectations.

Düsseldorf (Reuters) - ThyssenKrupp significantly improved its result in the past fiscal year and now wants to sweep up past winnings.

ARCHIV: Das Thyssenkrupp-Logo vor dem Aufzugstestturm in Rottweil, Deutschland, 21. Januar 2020. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle © Reuters Archive: The ThyssenKrupp logo before the elevator test tower in Rottweil, Germany, January 21, 2020. Reuters / Michaela Rehle

The operational profit is to be carried out, among other things, thanks to better numbers of the steel division in the financial year 2021/22 (at the end of September) 1.5 to 1.8 billion euros in about doubled, the Group announced on Thursday. Under the line of ThyssenKrupp an annual surplus of at least one billion euros - this would be the highest net profit since the 2007/08 financial year. In the past year, there was a loss of 109 million euros, according to third parties, so that there is no dividend again. Council of Community Martina Merz continues the conversion. The hydrogen business could be brought to the stock market with a minority share and the steel division is transferred to independence.

BionTech earned significantly more - BionTech share exists from

 BionTech earned significantly more - BionTech share exists from The Biotechnology Group BionTech opened its books. © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images BionTech has recorded a winning jump in the third quarter of 2021. The earnings per share amounted to 12.35 euros after -0.880 euros before the year. The analyst estimates had in advance to € 10.54 per share certificate. Thus, Biontech scored a net profit of 3.2 billion euros. also revealed the proceeds and climbed to 6.1 billion euros.

"The turnaround is recognizable, it goes into the right

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direction at ThyssenKrupp," Merz said. Performance has improved significantly. "We want to take this momentum into the next phase of our transformation to grow profitably again in our shops." The shortage of semiconductor and uncertainties by the Corona pandemic are further major challenges.

The steel division continues to remain the rotary and pivot for the balance sheet. With an operational profit of 116 million euros, it cuts significantly better than in the previous year, which burdened the overall group with a loss of 820 million euros. In the new year, the division piles a further significant earnings improvement. Whether and how long you still stay in the Group is open. "In addition to the preparation of the usual carve-out themes, ThyssenKrupp tests in the context of a feasibility study under what conditions the steel area can be transferred to independence."

For the hydrogen subsidiary Uhde Chlorine Engineers (UCE), the considerations are already on. "The company is therefore intensively examining how the hydrogen business can be further developed. Currently, ThyssenKrupp plans an IPO as a preferential solution. In any case,

ThyssenKrupp would keep a majority in the business."

ThyssenKrupp sees "turnaround" .
The industrial and steel group ThyssenKrupp has bottomed out and closed last year with a significant improvement in sales and earnings. © Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa Martina Merz, CEO of ThyssenKrupp, is the annual press conference of the Group. "After two years of intense transformation, we can say today: The turnaround is visible, it goes in the right direction at ThyssenKrupp," the CEO Martina Merz said in Essen.

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