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Tech & Science : That would have changed Squid Game completely: The most important scene was only later inserted

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The Netflix series Squid Game provoked with violence and hard social criticism. The most important building block of this combination had almost missing.

Das hätte Squid Game komplett verändert: Die wichtigste Szene wurde erst später eingefügt © Netflix That would have changed Squid Game completely: The most important scene was only later inserted

from nothing was Squid Game to the most successful Netflix series of all times . The story about socially suspended adults, which use their lives in brutal versions of children's games, found an audience around the world.

Strong opinion on Squid Game in Video

Different components make South Korean production to one of the largest pop culture phenomena of recent years. The simple, but dramatic social criticism is one of them. In an interview with Vulture, Creator Dong-Hyuk Hwang gave insights into his grinding process. He developed and sharpened the story for 13 years. One of the best and most important ideas of the whole series came to him very late.

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This scene would have almost missed in Netflix's Squid Game

What if Squid Game would have appeared earlier? So over a decade ago, when Hwang Dong-Hyuk had the story for a movie. Netflix, which has been interested in the factory since 2018, gave him more space. So he could light the background of the figures.

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that happens after a surprising turn in the early stage of history: the participants will be released from the game line to leave the game and return to your old life. What you do too. But the confrontation with her trant of existence pushes her back to the game - and to the prospect of the profit she would make rich. This whole part is new.

I added the part where the participants vote to cancel and come back the game. While the story explores why they come back, their personal backgrounds will be revealed. [...] Why the election scene infinitely important for SQUID GAME is

of the Creator about the effects of the element on the statics of the series:

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a majority vote suggested that a formal democratic process exists in the game was a great change .

Why is that such a big change? We learn the private constraints of the players: know inside and the circumstances that they have ever driven into their home-free situation. This creates an uncomfortable tension, also for the watching: The participants finally deliver themselves, voluntarily.

where "voluntarily" is a perfidious description of this desperate consideration in which it is ultimately to choose between rain and donors. Or rain and meager + a bit of hope. This choice is an illusion.

During the entire game, the demolition is possible if only enough participants are correct for it. Dong-Hyuk Hwang explains in more detail why the vote is so important for the story and the social topics of Squid Game.

In the reality, we also get the opportunity to change our society every few years through a choice. But we feel that the replacement of the administration does not make our lives better. The same applies to people in Squid Game - they try to change their fate through a choice, but their reality does not change. I wonder if modern democracy can really improve our lives. read one of the best Squid Game Theories

The participants return to the game, though they know what they expect there, they have seen it with their own eyes. The whole bitterness and hopelessness of the capitalist system criticism of Squid Game becomes clear only through this knee. He should not have been missing in the series.

What about Squid Game Season 2?

Dong-Hyuk Hwang and Netflix are planning a 2nd season, but officially nothing is.

Podcast: Is Squid Game dangerous for society?

Squid Game is the most successful Netflix series ever. But the serial phenomenon causes partly extreme reactions. From kitas, schools and educational ministries come warning scarf, Squid Game could harm children.

In this episode of the Moviepilot Podcasts Streamgestöber, Jenny Jecke and Lisa Ludwig discussed what's on the concerns about the Netflix hit. Why was this series at such an exception appearance that even occupies politics? And are the fears justified?

What do you think of the choice in Squid Game?

Squid Game Season 2: The Creator gives clues and tease the dark side of Gi-Hun .
Squid Game season 2 is not yet officially controlled by Netflix but the creator planks already on the rest. In a new interview, Hwang Dong-Hyek has just given new (small) indices on what is waiting for Gi-Hun (alias player 456) and viewers in a second season potential. And he teases still episodes where the hero could become darker. As if it were not already pretty depressing so far ...

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