Tech & Science : The end of the tech rally?

Fernandez in the MotoGP: Does he enter the footsteps of Stoner and Quartararo?

 Fernandez in the MotoGP: Does he enter the footsteps of Stoner and Quartararo? © Motorsport Images Raul Fernandez put an impressive rise of in the new MotoGP season ensure five rookies for fresh wind in the premier class. One of this newcomer is Moto2-Vice World Champion Raul Fernandez, which was housed by KTM in the Tech 3 Team. The MotoGP season 2022 will be Fernandez 'fourth full season in the motorcycle world championship. The rise of the Spaniards watch many team bosses with great interest.

  Das Ende der Tech-Rally? © Redpixel / Adobestock The three most valuable companies -   Das Ende der Tech-Rally? © Redpixel / Adobestock Apple , Microsoft and Alphabet - The world has recorded an increase in value of over two trillion euros over the past twelve months. Looking at the stock market value, the iPhone manufacturer with a valuation of just under three trillion US dollars is at the top. This is followed by software developer Microsoft ($ 2.75 trillion dollar) and Google owner alphabet (1.96 trillion dollars). Little surprising seems that all mentioned corporations are located in the technology sector. The rally in the tech area helped the great teammates to high reviews. Looking at the past five years, the US technology index NASDAQ has increased more than 200 percent. Over the same period, the German Lead Index Dax only recorded an increase of around 38 percent.

Economic Situation

Rally Dakar 2022: The starters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

 Rally Dakar 2022: The starters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland At the Rally Dakar 2022 in Saudi Arabia, some riders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland occur. The majority of the German-speaking representatives act as a privately, but there are also three names that can hopes for podium places. As in previous years, two German passengers have the best opportunities on top results in the automotive ranking. Timo Gottschalk is the 14th time and acts as a navigator of Poland Jakub Przygonski. With X-RAID you have top material available.

The global economy has grown above average 2021. The key interest rate in the US is close to zero. In addition, monetary policy measures of central banks led to a strong growth in the money supply. A large part flowed into the capital market. The fact that there is a lot of capital at favorable conditions helped for growth shares at a high price increase. Investors expect high gains in the future by a growth or growth share. The current yields are not critical. An example of such high-growth titles are, for example, innovative technology values ​​such as E-Carauer Tesla or Financial Services Square. However, the area also benefits from megatrend digitization accelerated by the corona crisis. Business models and services had to be adapted in the course of the pandemic in many places. So some companies could benefit from new trends such as the increased use of home office.

Outlook for next year

Founder of PayPal: Austria's ex-chancellor shorts in the future for Tech Investor Thiel

 Founder of PayPal: Austria's ex-chancellor shorts in the future for Tech Investor Thiel Short was briefly resigned in October after corruption allegations as Chancellor in Austria. Now it attracts the 35-year-old reports according to America. © Photo: Imago Images / Austria's Ex-Chancellor Sebastian Short at a press conference in October The former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Shortly, media reports work in the future for the German-American technology investor Peter Thiel.

The JP Morgan experts see in their annual view that the inflation increase is likely to decline in 2022. ( read the entire outlook here. Because central banks could take a turn of monetary policy next year. Thus, the US Federal Reserve Fed announced an increase in the key interest rate. Up to three interest rate steps will be done in the coming year. The bond purchases should also be greatly reduced. As a first major central bank, the Bank of England also decided to raise the key interest rate to 0.25 percent. The European Central Bank holds back with a number of interest. However, the pandemic buying program of securities should be strongly throttled. An end of the tech rally through the interest rate increase?

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growth shares make interest increases in particular as the financing costs increase. The corporations often write red numbers and invest in the company's growth. A lot of capital is needed. For example, Netflix invests many billions in the production of new films and series. If the interest rises now, the Group has to spend more money for debt capital. In addition, growth shares are more impaired from a rate hike than so-called value values ​​that have their great profits in the present. Because a company value is calculated by the interest rate of future cash flows. If the interest rises, the high future yields are burdened more strongly than the current profits. Contra Arguments The big-tech companies have large bars. For example, Apple has a cash equivalent of over $ 60 billion. Financing could therefore be done from its own resources. In addition, the gigantic cashizations could be used for corporate acquisitions. This could result in further growth. Another crucial factor could maintain the rally. So the big US technology companies have strong burgaries. This means that the business model of competitors can not be easily accepted. As with a castle, the ditch protects the company. A castle trench arises, for example, by know-how, brand history or by the size of the Group. The Tech company Apple combines the properties. The brand is known worldwide and has loyal trailers. In addition, the company's know-how can not be easily obtained from the competition. Through the castle trenches, the megacon cores could continue to defend their market position.

Cycling - Israel - Premier Tech: Clarke Approach .
© Panoramic Simon Clarke Qhubeka 2021 Currently without contract, the Australian Simon Clarke (35 years old), former double winner of the Vuelta, should engage with The Israel team - first tech. This Thursday, the Israel team - Start up nation unveiled its new name (Israel - Premier Tech), its new jersey and staff for the 2022 season. But the workforce may not be completely completely.

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