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Tech & Science : Drug Trafficking in Lebanon: Entering Millions of Captagon Tablets in False Oranges

Omicron surge hits hundreds of flights in US

  Omicron surge hits hundreds of flights in US Airlines say they are experiencing Covid-related staffing shortages over the busy Christmas period.A quarter of the more than 4,000 flights cancelled worldwide on Friday and Saturday were in the US, according to website Flightaware.

Les fausses oranges remplies de pilules de captagon étaient dissimulées dans des caisses contenant de vrais fruits. La cargaison a été interceptée par les douanes et la brigade antidrogue dans le port de Beyrouth, le 29 décembre 2021. © AFP - Anwar AMRO False oranges filled with captagon pills were concealed in crates containing real fruits. The cargo was intercepted by the customs and the anti-drug brigade in the port of Beirut, on December 29, 2021.

They were hidden in oranges: nine million Captagon tablets were intercepted by the Lebanese customs Wednesday 29 December. The cargo of this amphetamine-based drug was, it seems, intended for export to a Gulf country.

The Lebanese Minister of the Interior announced this seizure at a press conference. Captagon is an amphetamine drug produced mainly in Syria, but also in Lebanon and Iraq, and exported mainly towards Saudi Arabia. The customs officers have therefore discovered nine million tablets concealed in orange cargoes on the port of Beirut. Small bags had been concealed inside dummy fruits.

More fire warnings as temperatures set to soar in WA for another day

  More fire warnings as temperatures set to soar in WA for another day Temperatures are set to soar across Western Australia again today, bringing with them another fresh wave of fire warnings. The two biggest fires burning across the state yesterday - at Margaret River and Perth Hills - were finally contained by the day's end, however it was too late for some residents' properties, with at least one home lost in the blazes and a number of structures affected.A grandmother, now homeless, will be confronted with the devastation today after a fire engulfed her home.

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detox: the captagon is not the " drug of Jihadists " Diplomatic issues on December 23rd already the police of Dubai had announced the arrest of four people for attempting to import Clandestinely Captagon tablets concealed in false lemons. A week earlier, Lebanese customs seized 45,000 pills.

This announcement by Lebanese Minister is of diplomatic importance. Beirut is accused by Riyadh to turn a blind eye on this network. Saudi Arabia announced last April the

suspension of imports of fruits and vegetables from Lebanon after entering more than five million pills of captagon in false grenades. Since then, the Lebanese authorities are trying to prove their good will in the fight against this traffic. Before the suspension, Saudi Arabia was the first foreign customer of Lebanese agricultural products with more than 22% of exports.

Australian Open looms, but it doesn't have to be a COVID-19 disaster .
This seems like the worst of all possible times to host the Australian Open, but despite the high number of COVID-19 cases, there's less reason to postpone the tournament than last year.We've already seen case numbers rise to levels we have not seen before, and they are going to rise even higher, and with that our public health system is going to be put under significant levels of strain. There is just no way of underplaying this, the next few weeks are going to take us to a place we haven't been before in Australia and it's going to be difficult.

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