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Tech & Science : in Toulouse, an exhibition invites visitors to sort between the true and the false information

Top 14 resumes after a coronavirus-hit Christmas

  Top 14 resumes after a coronavirus-hit Christmas The Top 14 resumes on Sunday after a European break with clubs battling coronavirus outbreaks that threaten to disrupt the programme and also trying to fit a family Christmas into their plans. Stade Francais have adjusted their travel plans for their visit to second-placed Toulouse on Sunday to accommodate Santa. The Parisians are allowing their squad to have a family Christmas and will fly down to southwest France on the morning of the game. "We'll have a very short night's sleep," said coach Gonzalo Quesada. "We take the plane very early in the morning."He lamented "preparations that are necessarily a little strange with Christmas.

the dock of the knowledge presents until November 6, 2022 The interactive exhibition "Critical spirit: Keep yourself!". Or how to detect in our stream of information daily Fake News.

  À Toulouse, une exposition invite les visiteurs à faire le tri entre les vraies et les fausses informations © provided by FranceInfo

Imagine a city, its neighborhoods, streets, shops, truffled with traps and rumors. A city where the true and the false rub shoulders with without borders. This imaginary city is the subject of a new interactive exhibition in Toulouse. Entitled "Critical Spirit: Thinkworm ,!", it invites visitors to thwart false information. To experiment in the dock of the knowledge until November 6, 2022.

Decrypt the true of the false

with "night desires", on France Inter, Laure Adler gives an appointment under the stars

 with in his "blue hour", the journalist devotes four exciting episodes at night, animated by a sociologist, a philosopher, an astrophysicist and an insomniac writer. France Inter - Tuesday, December 28 at 8 pm - radio series long, the night was first african, for Laure Adler. When her parents went out in the evening, it's Waïte, sort of tutelary father of peale origin, who calmed her insomnia, opened the louvers overlooking the terrace of the Guinean house, explained the stars.

according to his walk, more true than Nature, the visitor wanders in the city of Crécyk. From the mini market to the pharmacy, from the town hall to newsstands, from the restaurant at Food Truck, as many places where Fake News are spreading. Mercant advertising messages, political manipulation, false information, all along the course, the public, equipped with a connected bracelet, must thwart the traps through fun facilities. At the news kiosk constituted in partnership with AFP, we discover newspapers with false one. "It was necessary to classify them between the one who seems to me the most credible or not ... The message is so big that I do not believe at all," reports a visitor. At the end of each test, the public accesses a detailed correction.

The descendants of the painter Jean-Baptiste Cariven, fallen into oblivion, appeal to donations to restore and expose his works

 The descendants of the painter Jean-Baptiste Cariven, fallen into oblivion, appeal to donations to restore and expose his works Jean-Baptiste Cariven, painter and sculptor, to forgotten works for more than a century, will be at the honor in a great exhibition next summer. The descendants of the artist call for donations to restore his paintings for this exceptional appointment. © Provided by franceinfo This is the story of a family intimately linked to art. The descendants of Jean-Baptiste Cariven, painter of the late nineteenth century, call for the generosity of donors to keep his inheritance.

Hunting Ideas Received

This fictitious city built by scientists is intended to analyze our behaviors and how to think and to act in the face of facts. Who to trust? How do you know if any information is reliable? These workshops tend to strengthen our critical thinking and deconstruct received ideas. Through daily experiences, inspired by research in behavioral and social psychology, cognitive science and sociology, the course encourages the visitor to unmask all-done ideas and especially to check the information. "When we are sure of his answer and in fact we can go wrong when we are not going to confront our ideas with other people, with experts and that we will not seek the response at the source," says Samia Harir, mediator at the dock of knowledge.

This experience seduces the curious because it is strangely echoing the news. "With all that we hear about coronavirus, you always have to be on his guard and have well-concordant and very safe sources," says a visitor. The exhibition is open to all audiences and more particularly to high school students and college students with guided tours. Objective: R Consider trust in the scientific facts and learn to be wary of its prejudices.

Exposure "Critical Spirit: Keep yourself!" : Until November 6, 2022 at the dock of knowledge in Toulouse. Price: 7 € / 5 € (Reduced) | Free 1st Sunday of the month. She will then go on tour in other cities of France before inaugurating the reopening of the new palace of the discovery of Paris.

Also find "True or Fake" , our Fact-Checking and Debunking platform of the entire audiovisual public.

Toulouse: Nearly a month after the beginning of the scores, an exit door? .
The Toulouse Métropole has made new proposals to the bubblers of Toulouse, on strike since December 16 © B. Colin / 20 minutes Toulouse garbagers are on strike since December 15th. Social - The Toulouse Métropole has made new proposals to the lumberpers of Toulouse, on strike since December 16th It all started by the announcement of the "party", a provision which allowed the scales of Toulouse of Leave their workstation once their collection tour is over.

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