Tech & Science : Corona outbreak after party: guests with false vaccine passes?

fourth vaccine increases antibody number probably around five times

 fourth vaccine increases antibody number probably around five times , however, the height of the growth of antibodies can not automatically close to the extent to which actual protection improves from infection or disease. © Provided by Berliner Zeitung Israel had already launched a vaccination campaign for more than 60-year-old and medical staff on Monday, can now receive a fourth vaccine dose . More than 20,000 Israelis have already had vaccinated with the fourth dose, a total of around 100,000 had agreed a vaccine appointment, said Bennett.

"We make company holidays", "Now the pandemic has unfortunately caught us. On the basis of Covid-19, we close our restaurant.

Mehrere Hotels und Gaststätten auf Sylt haben angesichts der rasant steigenden Corona-Zahlen vorläufig geschlossen. © Christian Charisius / dpa Several hotels and restaurants on Sylt have temporarily closed in view of the rapidly rising corona numbers.

These and similar signs are currently hanging in various companies on Sylt. The North Sea island has been setting rapidly rising infection numbers for several weeks. This is probably due to - as in other places - on parties at Christmas.

The Corona outbreak after a party under 2G-Plus conditions (recovered or vaccinated plus current coronatest) on Christmas Eve in a Nobeldisco in Kampen is even busy the police. "I can confirm that due to the reporting in the media to possible counterfeit vaccines investigations from the criminal police Sylt were initiated," says a spokesman for the police Flensburg. The investigation ran. A result was given to the information first.

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rapid increased corona numbers

On December 26, there were 27 registered active corona cases among the approximately 18,000 inhabitants of the island of Sylt. On January 9 - so two weeks later - the circle Nordfriesland reported 476 active corona cases for the island. On Monday, it was 477.

the extrapolated, officially unusual seven-day incidence on Sylt, according to calculations of some local media is currently over 1700. The official number for the entire circle of North Frisia was 697.6 on Monday. For individual municipalities, the circle expects no incidences. This will not be considered meaningful, said a circular spokesman.

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The courses of the current infected at the island are mild, says Managing Director of Sylt Marketing, Moritz Air. So the hospital on the island in the omikron wave has not yet been infected. Therefore, people on the island are careful, hysteria rule.

gastronomy and physicians criticize Bund-Country Resolutions to Corona

 gastronomy and physicians criticize Bund-Country Resolutions to Corona The resolutions of the federal government and countries to curb the Corona pandemic continuing criticism. The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) called the new restrictions on restaurant and pub visits "unacceptable". Medical representatives considered the decisions in the light of the propagation of the highly contagious omikron variant in turn for insufficient.

Some businesses close as a precaution

several restaurants, cafes and hotels on the island, given the rising corona numbers on the popular holiday island, still pulled the ripper and closed their operation for a few weeks - as a precautionary measure or because it has caught the virus. "Due to the numerous corona outbreaks, more than 20 Sylter gastronomy and hotel companies have temporarily set their business or prevent their company holidays preventively to protect their employees and guests," said air.

For Tourism on Sylt, the spontaneous and preferred closures mean a reduction in the tourist offer. However, a kind of self-promoted lockdown is not this, says air. And in fact, there is still a good selection of cafes and restaurants in which the holidaymakers who are around this season on the island can warm up after a beach walk. Because of an outbreak officially closed was also not the circle of Nordfriesland none of the companies, as a spokesman of the circle said.

Corona breakout Party: Guests with false Impfpässen?

 Corona breakout Party: Guests with false Impfpässen? "We make closing", "now the pandemic has unfortunately caught us. We conclude on the basis of Covid-19 until further our restaurant. " © Christian Charisius / dpa Several hotels and restaurants on Sylt have given the rapidly rising numbers corona provisionally closed. This and similar plates hanging currently in various enterprises in Sylt. For several weeks, the North Sea island recorded rapidly increasing infection rates.

But why does an operation voluntarily closes? "We have decided to take this step because we realized that the omikron wave is getting closer to that felt daily have closed two restaurants or gastronomic farms," ​​says Jens Lund, owner of the Café Restaurant of the same name in Hörnum in the south of the Island. He has therefore preferred and renewed the planned company holidays for collusion with his employees by a few days. "That was the safe variant for us before anyone infects." Even though it is assumed that Omikron does not lead to serious courses, the safety comes first. "We do not want to wear it into our families."

At the end of Friedrichstraße in Westerland lies the traditional luxury hotel Miramar, which has been family-owned for generations. In front of the reception, a camera automatically captures the temperature of the occurring guests. Actually. Because the five-star house of the family district has closed since the 9th of January. For concern in front of the omikron wave.

Actually, Miramar wanted to do his company holidays as always in November and preferred them now - "For caution and protect our employees," says Mariella Kreis. The situation has been a bit tricky since the holidays. "We did not want to prevent that." At the guests, the decision has arrived well, because they are also careful.

The guests who were now had to have booked just as soon as possible. "We have survived the holidays well, so you can say with quiet conscience now, we'll make a little break."

Valneva share rises 17%: Valneva Vakzine probably neutralizes omikron variant .
The Corona vaccine of the French-Austrian biotech company Valneva, which is available from a possible approval, also acts against the Omikron variant of a study. © Provided by Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images The results of a first laboratory study showed that serum antibodies formed after three doses neutralizing the omikron variant, the Group announced on Wednesday evening.

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