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Tech & Science : million PCs in Germany run with uncertain Windows System

Windows 11: Test of the new versions of Notepad and Media Player is expanded

 Windows 11: Test of the new versions of Notepad and Media Player is expanded © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 11 Laptop Generic Many small and larger applications contained in Windows will be revised for Windows 11. Some of these updates, such as the snipping tool and MS Paint, are already widely available, other updates are still tested with insiders. This also applies to the Media Player and Notepad. The new versions can now be tried by more people.

The insecure systems also include outdated versions of Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 8, which can be found together on about 450,000 PCs. In one year, the support for Windows version 8.1 is also running, which is currently being used to 1.3 million PCs in Germany. On the safe side are the approximately 44 million users of Windows 10. The latest version Windows 11 does not play a role in statistics.

  Millionen PCs in Deutschland laufen mit unsicherem Windows-System © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

"The use of outdated software is grossly negligent," said Thorsten Urbanski, security expert of ESET. For private users and especially companies, the use of an obsolete system software can be expensive to be expensive. "A vulnerability, for example in a no longer supported operating system, is sufficient, and attackers have the foot in the door as well as permanent access to the computers of the victim."

One dead, others missing in wake of Seth

  One dead, others missing in wake of Seth The body of a man has been found inside a utility swept away by floodwaters in the wake of former tropical cyclone Seth, north of Brisbane.Police and emergency rescue teams were called after reports of a utility being swept into floodwaters on Cherry Tree Road near the Bruce Highway, at Kanigan, about 7.30pm on Friday.

Urbanski also referred to a positive trend at the same time. Many private users would have used the past year and brought their computers to the latest. "In Germany, around two million unclear Windows computers are less on the net in Germany." The look into the future voice positive. "The use of Windows 8.1 is declining, and horror scenarios such as the support end of XP or 7 will not occur 2023."

companies and authorities will not only be a higher for Windows 7 and other outdated Windows versions for Windows 7 and other obsolete Windows versions. Risk, because these are facilitated cyber attacks. Those who do not care about the updates violates expert assessments against the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO). The EU Directive requires to comply with the "state of the art" in the processing and use of personal data.

Germany to speed up green energy projects in 'gigantic' effort

  Germany to speed up green energy projects in 'gigantic' effort Germany's Climate and Energy minister Robert Habeck on Tuesday pledged to drastically ramp up renewable energy projects in the coming years, saying the country faced a "gigantic" task to meet climate protection goals. Germany needs to become "more efficient and faster" in the fight against climate change, Green party minister Habeck said, as he unveiled an ambitious package of measures to help make Europe's top economy carbon neutral by 2045. Among the most eye-catching proposals was the pledge to set aside two percent of Germany's land surface for wind energy projects, up from around 0.5 percent currently.

Windows 7 came to the market over ten years ago, on October 22, 2009, as successor to the unsuccessful Windows Vista on the market and was used by PC manufacturers by 2014. The successor Windows 8 also came with starting difficulties and did not convince many users. Therefore, many companies, Windows 7, remained faithful after 2014.

Under the Microsoft operating systems, Windows 7 generally considered mature and safe. After the end of official support from the US software konzern, however, many vulnerabilities were discovered, which were no longer closed. In 2020, the number of 388 officially registered problems achieved a high. Last year, the CVE system recorded with which security gaps and other weaknesses are detected in computer systems, 253 cases. After all,

companies and organizations can still purchase cost updates at Microsoft. Private users, on the other hand, have no access to the security updates. And that could have, for example, on online banking fatal consequences, warns security expert Uhlemann.

An armed man makes four wounded in a university in Germany .
Germany-crime: an armed man makes four wounded in a university in Germany © Reuters / Tilman Blasshofer An armed man made four wounded in a university in Germany Berlin ( Reuters) - A man armed with a rifle injured four people on Monday opening fire in an amphitheater of the university town of Heidelberg, in southwestern Germany, before committing suicide, said the German police.

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