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Tech & Science : Web3: Operas first beta of the "Crypto Browser" is there

Bitcoin, Etherum, Solana: Microsoft and Google are also only software

 Bitcoin, Etherum, Solana: Microsoft and Google are also only software © Reuters Bitcoin, Etherumum, Solana: Microsoft and Google are also software - Bitcoin, EtherEmum and Solana can be on Wednesday, 12. January 2022 recover the second day in a row. The BTC / USD increases by 1.74 percent to $ 42,694, while the ether has $ 3249.7 dollars a profit of 4.09 percent and the Sol / USD climbs 4.87 percent to $ 142.53.

operas new "crypto browser" for the web3 is here. It offers an integrated wallet without depot function and is now available for Windows, Mac and Android users.

Web3: Operas erste Beta des „Crypto Browsers“ ist da © Morocko / Shutterstock Web3: Operas first beta of the "Crypto Browser" is Da

The Norwegian Software House Opera is known for its web browser of the same name, combined with a considerable stubbornness, thus the superiority of Chrome, Firefox and increasingly also to put Edge. Now the company has published a first beta version of its new Crypto Browser project. This browser is specially developed for the so-called Web 3 and should make a targeted surfing in decentralized applications, immersive games and the use of metaverse platforms.

N Korea hackers stole $400m crypto in 2021: Report

  N Korea hackers stole $400m crypto in 2021: Report Blockchain research firm Chainalysis says the value extracted from the hacks grew by 40% year-on-year.Blockchain analysis company Chainalysis said it was one of most successful years on record for cyber-criminals in the closed east Asian state.

Opera now allows you to pay by bitcoin

for power users: Opera browser simplifies handling tabs

Dify: Opera wants to make money with your own cashback solution

browser should be web3 and krypto Transfer to the mainstream

How the current Opera browser should also have the "Crypto Browser" via a NO login VPN and a native advertising and tracker blocker. In addition, the new project should provide direct access to decentralized stock exchanges, NFT and Gaming DPPS as well as telegram and twitter support.

Operas Mobile and Web3 boss Jorgen Arnesen explains the goal of the Krypto Browser: "The Crypto Browser Project of Opera promises a simpler, faster and private web3 experience for users. It simplifies the web3 user experience, which is often confusing for mainstream users. Opera believes Web3 must be easy to use so that the decentralized Web can develop its full potential. "

Start with EtherEm

in the beta phase supports the built-in wallet EtherEm. There are more partnerships, such as polygon, Solana, Nervos Network and Celo. The integration of Opera with polygon should continue in the first quarter of 2022.

The Browser Wallet supports both fungible ERC-20 standards as well as non-Fungible ERC-721 standards, where ERC-1155 will follow in the first quarter of 2022. Users should also buy and swap crypto currencies via a built-in function. The integration of NFT features is also planned. The company hopes for intensive feedback from the community to implement new features in the consensus.

planned luxury resort for the Krypto community failed .
A paradise retreat for Krypto fans on a South sea island: That was the plan of initiators of the "Cryptoland" project. But now the dream seems to be passed over, because the purchase of the Fiji Island provided for this is burst, the responsible councils advised in explanatory notes and are now even under fraud. © Provided by Gualtiero Boffi / Cryptoland: Island Paradise for Kryptofans? It works for children and almost a little bizarre: in the animated imagination

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