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Tech & Science : Delivery Hero Share Minus Seven Percent: Sale at Tech Shares

Ronnie Spector 'a hero' to Amy Winehouse

  Ronnie Spector 'a hero' to Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse's collaborator Mark Ronson has revealed that the late Ronnie Spector was "a hero" to Amy.The Ronettes singer died earlier this week at the age of 78 "after a brief battle with cancer" and Amy's collaborator Mark Ronson revealed Ronnie was an inspiration to the late star.

Delivery Hero Zentrale © Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters Delivery Hero Central Investors, who have the share of the Essvändersdienst Delivery Hero in the depot, must be very strong with these numbers: minus Seven percent on Monday. Minus 30 percent since the beginning of the year - which is just three weeks ago. Minus 50 percent in the past 52 weeks. Around a year ago, the stock had reached her record high at 145 euros. Meanwhile, it is almost 70 euros. Reasons for the course slide there are several.

Corona Profiters under Pressure

Currently, the stocks are avoided on the stock exchange shares of Corona crisis, such as food supplies, online dealers or streaming services. The market currently expires from an early end of the Corona Pandemic. Vaccinations, medications and harmless expectant coronavirus mutations stoke this expectation. Technology values ​​and other well-run shares are thus on the loser side. The index of the US technology exercise NASDAQ fell by 2.1 percent on Monday. The default values ​​are red: The Dow-Jones index of the default values ​​fell by 1.5 percent, the broader S & P 500 gave 1.8 percent. The German Leading Index Dax - by listing Delivery Hero since 2020 - is currently three percent in the minus. From the interest page, the Tech shares threatens unemily. On this Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve Fed will decide for the first time this year via key interest rates. Börsians are likely to boom exactly how worried the Fed is about rising inflation and how aggressive will try to curb them. It is not yet expected with a first interest rate step, but only in March. But more and more experts can now imagine that the Fed possibly increases the key interest rate more than previously assumed - or that there could be four instead of three interest rate steps in the current year. Rising interest rates loaded higher indulgent companies - which often count Tech corporations - especially strong. Rising costs for material and wages also press on the profit margins. Investors popular, on the other hand, are currently defensive, cyclical shares. "Accordingly, the papers hyped as corona winners also fall," said Frederik Altmann of Alpha securities trading. Only a few days ago, Volkswirt Carsten Klude von M.M.Warburg had noted that Tech shares had developed so badly compared to value stocks, ie as undervalued shares, on the month's view, no longer since mid-1997. However, he considers the reaction to the capital markets exaggerated. In previous phases in which monetary policy stood before a change of course, interest rates were significantly stronger and the interest expectations have been significantly higher. Delivery Hero Zentrale © Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters Delivery Hero Central An assessment of the recent numbers of Delivery Hero read here.

Recommendation Delivery Hero share

The recent price losses confirm our fundamental skepticism. We recommend you for sale.


Uber extends in fast delivery in France .
© Brendan McDermid Uber, the leader of the VTC The world leader in the reservation of cars with driver, which also delivers meals, launches in France "Uber Direct", service general delivery. The world leader in car reservation with driver, which also delivers meals, launches in France "Uber Direct", a general delivery service that has been tested in America from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

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