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Tech & Science : OJ of Beijing: Muzaton in the list, which goes from 87 to 88 names

COVID: Beijing reports first local Omicron case

  COVID: Beijing reports first local Omicron case Omicron case in Beijing comes as cities across the country ratchet up viral vigilance before the Winter Olympics.State television reported on Saturday that the new COVID infection had been identified as the Omicron strain.

maxence muzaton © Panoramic Maxence Muzaton

While it did not appear in the first list, Maxime Muzaton (31 years) will finally compete the Olympic Games of Beijing. An reallocation system allowed the French delegation to sleep an 88th name.

They had to be 87, they will finally be 88 (37 women and 51 men). The French delegation for the Beijing Olympic Games (February 4th to February 20th) gathered a name this Monday, with the arrival of the Maxime Muzaton Alpine Skier (31 years old). at the price of a reallocation system of the International Federation (FIS), France was able to obtain a tenth quota for the discipline in men. A tenth accessit that has allowed the skier of La Plagne to join a list already completed Sunday by five additional names (Clara say in women, Blaise Giegendanner, Nils Allegre, Thibaut Favrot and Cyprien Sarrazin in men). Muzaton, 18th this weekend of the two descents of Kitzbühel, will play his second games after those of Pyeongchang in 2018.

China’s economy beats expectations with 4 percent growth in Q4

  China’s economy beats expectations with 4 percent growth in Q4 Chinese economy expands 8.1 percent for the whole of 2021 amid weakest Q4 growth in more than a year.Though coming in higher than the 3.6-percent growth predicted by analysts, the Q4 figure is the weakest growth the country has seen in a year and a half.

Good news! Following a quota reallocation by the @Fisalpine , Maxence Muzaton ( @maxmuzat ) integrates the French delegation for the Beijing Olympics in Alpine skiing.

Final List: @Equipefra

- FFS - French Ski Federation (@Fedfranceski) January 24, 2022

88 English for Beijing

Biathlon (12) : Anaïs Bescond, Paula Botet, Justine Braishaz-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, Julia Simon, Fabien Claude, Simon Desthieux, Quentin Fillon-Maillet, Antonin Guigonnat, Emilien Jacquelin and Eric Perrot

Alpine Skiing ( 18) : Camille Cerutti, Coralie Frasse-Sombet, Laura Leaf, Tiffany Gauthier, Romanesque Miradiol, Nastasia Noens, Tessa Worley and Clara Say, Matthieu Bailet, Johan Clarey, Mathieu Faivre, Clement Christmas, Alexis Pinturault, Nils Allegre, Thibaut Favrot , Blaise Giegendanner, Cyprien Sarrazin and Maxime Muzaton

China: The Omicron variant would have arrived in Beijing "Via" a letter from North America

 China: The Omicron variant would have arrived in Beijing © Andy Wong / AP of the Beijing will be tested as the Omicron variant was detected for the first time in Beijing. Omicron can be transmitted by post? This is in any case what the Chinese health authorities suggest, on January 17 in Beijing, where a case of infection with the new variant has been reported this weekend. The patient did not leave the city in recent weeks, but she received ... a letter from North America.

Cross-country skiing (13) : Coralie Bentz, Delphine Claudel, Flora Dolci, Mélissa Gal, Lena Quintin, Adrien Backscheider, Lucas Chanavat, Renaud Jay, Richard Jouve, Hugo LaPlus, Jules Lapierre , Maurice Manifice and Clément Parisse

Bobslei GH (8) : Margot Boch, Carla Senechal, Sandie Light, Dorian Hakerville, Romain Heinrich, Jérôme Lapora, Lionel Lefebvre and Thomas Delmestre

Nordic Combined (5) : Matteo Baud, Gaël Blondeau, Antoine Gerard, Laurent Mühlethaler and Edgar Vallet

Artistic Skating (4) : Gabriella Papadakis, Guillaume Cizeron, Kevin Aymoz and Adam Siao Him FA

Speed ​​Skating (4) : Gwendoline Daudet, Tifany Huot-Marchand, Quentin Fercoq and Sébastien LePape

Ski Jumping (2 ) : Julia Clear and Joséphine Pagnier

Freestyle Ski (13) : Camille Cabrol, Perrine Laffont, Jade Grillet-Aubert, Alizée Baron and Tess Ludeux, Benjamin Cavet, Sacha Theorcharis, Jean-Frédéric Chapuis, Bastien Midol, François Place, Terence Tchiknavorian, Kevin Rolland and Antoine Adelisse

Snowboard (9) : Lucile Lefevre, Julia Pereira de Sousa Labineau, Manon Petit-Lenoir, Alexia Queyrel, Chloé Treses, Loan Bozzolo, Leo Wheat Jaques, Merlin Surget and Liam Tourki

China Unicom says no 'justifiable grounds' for US ban .
China Unicom said Friday there were no "justifiable grounds" for a US order that banned the company from operating in the country on national security concerns. On Thursday, the FCC said it had revoked authorisation for China Unicom Americas to operate in the country and ordered it to end domestic interstate and international telecoms services within 60 days. The regulator said the company was "subject to exploitation, influence, and control by the Chinese government" and posed "significant national security and law enforcement risks" by potentially exposing US communications networks to "espionage and other harmful activities".

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