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Tech & Science : unlike NRW competitor: Autonomous mini-REWE in Bavaria must close Sundays

"Better late than never": Health Minister Laumann "Froh" About Lauterbach Returns

 NRW Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) has welcomed the back of Karl Laudutbach (SPD) at the Corona quarantine rules. "I'm glad that a voluntary isolation for infected persons is back from the table," said the minister on inquiries. "Volivation clearly satisfied the wrong signal. In addition, the voluntariness raised numerous work and school laws. Although Federal Health Minister Lauterbach attracts the emergency brake late - but here: Read late as never.

in rural regions to be found to find an open supermarket in rural areas, is often almost impossible. In the municipality of Pettest city in the district of Bamberg, the Cologne food retailer REWE therefore tests an autonomous mini market. In the so-called Nahpaufbox, customers can shop completely without staff on 39 square meters.

Die Nahkauf-Box bei Bamberg © REWE The Nahlaufbox at Bamberg

Actually, the market should be open 24 hours a day: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. But the Bavarian law is now a stroke through the bill. Because in Germany, the strictest rules with regard to the retail right.

TYPY in the Düsseldorf media port continuously open

On Sundays and public holidays, the NOP-purchase must remain closed - although no employed work in the business should actually be protected with the labor law regulations. The FDP now challenges to enable the opening of digital miniature markets around the clock. Incidentally,

in North Rhine-Westphalia are less strictly strict: The automated supermarket Typy in the Düsseldorf media port has opened throughout. "Also on Sundays and public holidays", as it is called on the company's website. (Red)

descent scenarios: as Fürth on the 30th matchday descends .
The SPVGG Greuther Fürth has only minimal opportunities on the league in the Bundesliga. Already at the weekend, the francs could be determined as a relegated ... © Picture Alliance / Sven Simon Frustration at the SPVGG Greuther Fürth. Stuttgart, Bielefeld and Hertha in view Fürth stands after the 30th match day as a relegated, when the shamrock loses at the TSG Hoffenheim and ... ... the VfB Stuttgart wins in Mainz, ...

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