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Tech & Science : Wulkau: Easter tree again with hundreds of colorful eggs,

Easter decoration: Here's how to make a sparkling table center with eggs

 Easter decoration: Here's how to make a sparkling table center with eggs to make her easter decoration yourself, no need to be particularly skilled with her hands. User manual in image, with this glittered tutorial imagined by I love do it yourself for the site ... this year, Easter will be celebrated on Sunday 17 April 2022.

of the Easter Tree in Wulkau in the Elb-Havel-angle, some visitors to visitors at Karsam Day. Whether as a fotomotive or mere marvelation, the work of the winer and Anke Ziegler as an initiator seems to have been worth it this year. Hundreds of colorful eggs enjoy visitors and residents of the village as in previous years. The tree has become a small Easter attraction of the area, some people even hang on eggs.

Hunderte bunte Eier hängen am Osterbaum in Wulkau. © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert / DPA Hundreds of colorful eggs hang on the Easter tree in Wulkau.

Ziegler has recited the decorating of the tree a few evenings, but with the support of many helping hands. She emphasizes it alone is about the fun. It should take care of a smile. Some like to find the quirky, but when themselves be tied over it, she reached her goal.

If you want to see the Easter tree in Wulkau, you should use Easter or open yourself shortly afterwards. Around a week after the festival, Ziegler assumes everything in a quick action with two to three helpers and long leaders.

This year, the Easter tradition of Ukrainian pysanky eggs is 'more important than ever' .
Easter in Ukraine means pysanky – colourful eggs featuring intricate decorations using a wax-resistant method. What do pysanky eggs – and the act of making them – mean to Ukrainians in Australia?In normal years, this would be a time of celebration.

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