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Tech & Science : How to view a WhatsApp status secretly

Chancellor's wife pays £30,000 for non-dom status

  Chancellor's wife pays £30,000 for non-dom status Akshata Murty is charged yearly fee for status allowing her not to pay UK tax on overseas earnings.Akshata Murty is reported to have received £11.6m in dividends in the past year from Indian firm Infosys.

WhatsApp status secretly watch - is that at all? And whether! And with a simple trick. However, there is an important detail to be observed

So können Sie anonym einen Whatsapp-Status checken ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto How to check anonymous a WhatsApp status iStockphoto

What the Story is at Instagram, WhatsApp is the status message at WhatsApp. Texts, audios and video clips can be published there and viewed by the contacts, with the status automatically deletes itself after 24 hours. Anyone who has ever released a WhatsApp status, who knows: You can see exactly what your contacts looked at this status. In reverse, this means, of course, that all others can also see if you have a status opened. But there is a simple trick as you can watch a status Klammheimlich without the creator's creative. How it works

Keira Knightley had 'one hell of a pregnancy' with second child

  Keira Knightley had 'one hell of a pregnancy' with second child Keira Knightley had a difficult pregnancy with her second child, but it inspired her to take on her latest role.The 36-year-old actress - who has been married to musician James Righton, 36, since 2015 - was expecting her second child and suffering from sciatica when she first read the script for the festive flick, which was filmed in February 2020.

The simplest solution is to disable the

read confirmation (double hook) . Open WhatsApp, click "Settings", continue to "Account" and "Privacy" and disable the read confirmation there. Now your contact can no longer see that you have viewed its status - but you will not get that you have seen your status.

Attention: It is not enough to clear the read confirmation only briefly, to view a status and then activate it again , because then you are visible again for the creator. You should wait until the WhatsApp status has disappeared again - or for safety's even 24 hours until it is guaranteed to be deleted.

WhatsApp: This changes now for voice messages Caution before the flight mode

by the way: Remicken WhatsApp by turning on the flight mode and then looks at the status, does not work. Once you go online, the device updates your "offline activities" and indicates that you have opened the status message.

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