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Tech & Science : IPTV and Streaming, Stop! Amazon makes an announcement before PSG-OM

Amazon plans to object to union win in New York

  Amazon plans to object to union win in New York Amazon plans to file objections to the union election on Staten Island, New York, that resulted in the first successful U.S. organizing effort in the company's history.The e-commerce giant stated its plans in a legal filing to the National Labor Relations Board made public Thursday. Among other things, the company accused the Amazon Labor Union,  a group of former and current employees who spearheaded the union drive, of threatening warehouse workers to vote in favor of the organizing effort. Eric Milner, an attorney representing the ALU, said the claims were "patently absurd.

The success of the Amazon platform participates in relegating illegal download to the background, while the fight against this practice intensifies.

Coup dur pour l'IPTV © Provided by Football 365 Hard blow for IPTV

in the audiovisual landscape of the league 1, the seasons follow each other and are not alike. A year after the Fiasco Mediapro, the Amazon Group is rented for the cover of the French Championship through its video premium chain. Welcome success in the fight against IPTV and streaming, common practices for many years . While a bill was voted to prohibit illegal download, Amazon, for its part, tries to continue its faultless. This week, before a Classico PSG-OM still expected, the US platform announced to its subscribers that they would not be charged from May 27 to July 26, 2022.

The women who changed Hollywood forever

  The women who changed Hollywood forever There are countless women who left their own indelible mark on Hollywood over the past century. The fight for women's rights rose to the forefront around the same time that the film industry started to take off, making it even more incredible that many women were blazing a creative trail before they even had the right to vote. And, of course, the obstacles were only multiplied for women of colour. While we still have a long way to go, we have these incredible pioneers to thank for the growing levels of equality and representation in the entertainment industry today. From the first female directors to the first female media moguls, click through the gallery to learn about the women who changed Hollywood forever.

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Amazon Calks its policy, the IPTV in Risk

Amazon is therefore laying on the Calendar of League 1 for its tariff policy since the competition will stop between these two dates . An extremely logical element, but worthy of emphasis. The Professional Football League had already communicated the precise dates of the intersement. If the exercise of League 1 will end on May 21 with the 38th and last day in the elite, the week that will follow will be animated by thrilling dams until May 27, in League 2 - Competition also covered by the group.

PSG sign a new golden sponsoring contract .
© Xavier Wool / Getty Images PSG signs a new gold sponsoring contract The capital football club announced Thursday 14 April A sponsorship agreement with the platform Goat. The Paris SG announced on Thursday, April 14 the signature of a sponsorship contract with the Goat online sales platform, which will appear at the next season on the Paris Club jerseys and bring more than 50 million euros. in three years.

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