Tech & Science : Gabon: Kick -off of a large project of high agricultural productivity

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Vue aérienne des champs de palmiers à huile de la société agroalimentaire internationale Olam, à Kango, dans le centre du Gabon, le 22 mai 2014. © AFP - Xavier Bourgois Aerial view of oil palm fields from the International Agri -Food Olam, in Kango, in the center of Gabon, May 22, 2014.

led by the Gabonese state, this project aims to create links between industrialists and small local producers in order to end the imports of foodstuffs. Gabon, which imports almost all of its food consumption, aims to become an exporter of agricultural products thanks to this project.

With our special envoy to Kango, Yves-Laurent Goma

The Minister of Agriculture, Charles Mve Ella, has just explained to the inhabitants of Ekouk on the national road n ° 1 the expected advantages of the future area Agricultural production (ZAP), whose first shovels will be given this Friday in their department. “We bring the agricultural development closer to populations. It is a huge advance towards what is called food sovereignty. And after becoming, why not, an exporting country!

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members of a federation of bananas production cooperatives, cassava, fruits and vegetables, these women are won over. "We want to become agricultural producers, who get richer, of course. I'm so happy that the ZAP comes! We see the high production of bananas and other products, such as cassava, corn, carrots coming from Cameroon ... and they give us money!

This major project does not only make people happy and some emit reserves. Septuagenaire, Pauline Nianggué fears a possible risk of monitoring and land pollution by industrialists. "Coming to work with [chemical] products is what we refuse! We don't make fertilizers, understood? »

After this launch, the pilot phase of the project starts with the creation of five production zones. The ambition is to create 40 throughout Gabon.

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It’s time we all come together to address the global food crisis .
Millions of lives are at stake and the world’s most vulnerable do not have the luxury of time.The ongoing war in Ukraine has added fuel to the already precarious poverty, hunger and malnutrition situation. Besides its tragic humanitarian toll, the war is extending human suffering to all corners of the world through widespread disruptions to the planting, harvesting, transport, and export of major agricultural commodities from the Black Sea region.

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