Tech & Science : Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft tests a new family plan in two countries

Weißer Xbox Elite V2 Controller shows itself in a video

 Weißer Xbox Elite V2 Controller shows itself in a video © provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Elite V2 Controller in White The second generation of the Xbox Elite Controller may get a (partially) white variant. This version was shown on YouTube in a video that is out of focus and blurred, but should still be real. It is an unboxing video, it shows the white version of the Xbox Elite V2 Controller, including the sales packaging. The video was uploaded around a month ago, but only now discovered (via Twitter ).

Xbox Game Pass Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Game Pass Cover

For Xbox Insider in Colombia and Ireland are due to interesting days, because Microsoft starts the test from a new family plan to complement the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The new plan should include up to four people and apply over Windows, Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming. At the start there are some important points that Xbox insiders have to consider.

The people with whom you share the plan do not have to be insiders themselves, but reside in the same country. Members of Xbox All Access are excluded from the preview. However, the largest catch is the conversion if you take part in the Xbox Game Pass Insider Preview and subscribe to the plan via the Microsoft Store. Based on the monetary value that the previous plan had, the remaining time is converted to the new plan. According to Microsoft, a full month means a membership of 18 days in the Insider Preview.

This conversion is final and users have to let their insider preview expire before they are allowed to subscribe to a new, regular plan. It is not yet known when the new preview will be extended to other countries.

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