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The Verdi union has again called up the employees in the Amazon distribution center in Bad Hersfeld. With the outstanding of the management for higher wages that started on Friday night, the union said in Frankfurt on Friday. The strike should also include Saturday.

Das Logo von Amazon ist an einem Logistikzentrum des Versandhändlers Amazon zu sehen. © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa The logo of Amazon can be seen at a logistics center by the mail order company Amazon. For years,

Verdi has been trying to enforce the area collective agreement of the shipping and retail trade or to complete a house tariff for years. Instead, Amazon uses its own remuneration system. According to Verdi, the management has now been explained by the management at business meetings that a “wage discovery process” will take place by the end of August.

Lufthansa: Detailed figures and possible collective bargaining

 Lufthansa: Detailed figures and possible collective bargaining The Lufthansa Group will present its detailed key figures for the second quarter on Thursday (7 a.m.) and also hopes for a pioneering tariff conclusion for the floor staff. © Peter Kneffel/dpa does the end of the tariff dispute at Lufthansa? The negotiations with the Verdi trade union started on Wednesday were to be continued at Frankfurt Airport. In the event of failure, Verdi Vice-President Christine Behle has already threatened with other warning strikes.

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"At the company meetings, the company has been brought up several times that the rising costs are heavily burdened with many employees," reports the union secretary Mechthild Middeke loudly a message. "A colleague summed it up: If Amazon makes membership of 28 percent more expensive for Prime customers and this with increasing costs, then we also have these increasing costs and want to compensate for it.»

According to its own statements, the company pays all employees in logistics at least 12 euros hourly wages plus extras. Last year, an increase to “at least 12.50 euros gross” was announced for autumn this year, as a spokesman said. After 12 and 24 months of service, the wages increase automatically.

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