Tech & Science : Podcast. How was West-France before the internet arrived?

He was protecting the oceans - then he disappeared

  He was protecting the oceans - then he disappeared The death of an American fishing observer hundreds of miles from shore has shone a light on a hidden world.At my local grocery store in Texas, I can buy a can of tuna for less than a dollar. But, like many things that seem inexpensive, those low prices are only possible because of dangerous and largely invisible work happening far away - work that most of us will never know about.

Les équipes Ouest-France ont notamment travaillé sur Minitel avant l’arrivée du numérique. © Archives Ouest-France The Ouest-France teams notably worked on Minitel before the arrival of digital.

The Making O-F show immerses you behind the scenes of the West-France editors. His goal ? Explain how our journalists work a news, a report, an investigation. In this episode, we tell you how the Ouest-France teams worked before the arrival of the Internet.

The Nantes editorial staff is one of the biggest editors in Ouest-France. Here, journalists have vadroused through several locals and experienced different journalistic practices before making one with digital. Writing machines, photo dandruff, including bipers, the tools followed one another before being all replaced by smartphones.

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over the discussions between the trainees who came to lend Hand for summer, and journalists like Corinne Argentini spent by several isolated locals, Franck Renaud in fact various, and the editorial secretaries Chantal Martin and Véronique Ballu, West France before was drawn with his lot of questions. Beyond the image of the shock of generations between longtime professionals and new arrivals, this podcast traces the organization within the editorial staff over the years.

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