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Pentagon combines sea drones, AI to police Gulf region

  Pentagon combines sea drones, AI to police Gulf region Iran's recent seizure of unmanned US Navy boats shined a light on a pioneering Pentagon program to develop networks of air, surface and underwater drones for patrolling large regions, meshing their surveillance with artificial intelligence. Airborne and subsea drones are pretty well developed and proven, but unmanned surface boats are much newer and yet essential for the future, 5th Fleet spokesman Commander Tim Hawkins told AFP. Since starting last year, the US Navy and regional partners have deployed both slow USVs like Saildrones and battery-powered speedboats like the Mantas T-12.

Surface Laptop SE Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows Surface Laptop SE Cover

In November 2021 Microsoft had introduced the Surface Laptop SE in the USA. Almost a year later, the cheapest surface so far comes to Germany: from December 8th it will be available from 299 euros, but not in regular retail.

just as in the USA, the Surface Laptop SE is only geared towards the educational market and must be obtained from appropriate specialist dealers and partners.

according to the price, the equipment of the Surface Laptop SE is spartan: The 11.6-inch display has an unusual aspect ratio of 16: 9 with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. Depending on the model, an Intel Celeron N4020 or N4120 serves as a CPU, there are 4 or 8 GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB EMMC use storage. However,

Benin bronzes get final Berlin show before return

  Benin bronzes get final Berlin show before return Stolen during the colonial era, dozens of Benin bronzes that once decorated the royal palace of the Kingdom of Benin will go on show for one last time in Berlin from Saturday before being repatriated to Nigeria. Among the items being exhibited are a pair of thrones and a commemorative bust of the monarch, which used to decorate the walls of the royal palace in Benin city, in modern-day Nigeria. Two rooms in the sprawling museum are being dedicated to the art and the history of the Kingdom of Benin, an exhibition realised "in close cooperation with partners in Nigeria", according to the German side.

Microsoft promises that it has not made a compromise on the keyboard, it should offer the usual first-class dip feeling, and the 720p webcam should not be a savings model. The battery life is given as "up to 16 hours".

The Surface Laptop SE is also designed for repairability: screen, battery, keyboard and even the motherboard can be replaced how this video demonstrates:

operating system: Windows 11 SE

as an operating system comes on the Surface Laptop SE. for use. This is once more a modified "Light version" from Windows. For example, the store is missing, and programs also start in full screen mode by default and a maximum of two programs can be displayed side by side. The Office programs Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote are preinstalled, and Onedrive and teams are also integrated. The PC settings and the Explorer are also "circumcised" to keep the system particularly easy for students.

is managed Windows 11 SE via Microsoft Intune for Education, the installation of programs, updates and other guidelines are controlled by this.

definitely not a device for private end customers, even if there will certainly be means and ways to obtain the device and use a "normal" Windows 11. Whether this is a good idea in view of the specifications is on a different sheet.

Scholz: Germany is well prepared for "Winter of the challenges" .
Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), the Union's criticism of the government's course in the energy crisis has decisively rejected. It will certainly be "a winter of the challenges," said Scholz in the general debate on Wednesday in the Bundestag. But the Federal Government ensured that Germany was well prepared. "We'll get through." © Tobias Schwarz Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has a decisive impact on the Union's criticism of the government's course in the energy crisis.

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