Tech & Science : more volume in the hair: 6 simple tricks, how to cheat your hair full of

Kerry Washington wears bold off-white minidress to Emmy Awards in LA

  Kerry Washington wears bold off-white minidress to Emmy Awards in LA The 45-year-old actress showed her style sense in an off-white Elie Saab minidress that featured a train on Monday to the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. The 45-year-old actress looked lovely in the haute couture one-shoulder dress from the designer's Spring 2022 collection that included floral details on her right shoulder and left hip.Kerry wore dark tights underneath and completed her look with black Louboutin heels.

more volume in your hair: 6 simple tricks on how to cheat your hair full of

  Mehr Volumen im Haar: 6 einfache Tricks, wie du deine Haare voller schummelst © getty images

fine hair. The longer you grow them, the more platter they work. And Föhn hairstyles collapse again after just a few hours. Therefore, most hairdressers advise: inside the short cut - at least for the (long) Bob . Because due to the lower weight, the hair does not hang out, they automatically look fuller.

not everyone: R wants to say goodbye to his lengths. With our ingenious volume tips you don't have to-and the scissors can stay where it is.

& 1. Change the crown

changes your parting, gladly several times a day. With every so -called "Swoosh" you immediately give the approach new booth. It really can't be easier!

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  Sophie Turner makes first red carpet appearance since giving birth Nine-year-old Ainslie School student James Neeman is already an accomplished piano player. He recently won two first-prizes at the Pittsburgh International Piano Competition which makes him eligible to play in a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York.

by the way: You should better do without the middle parting if you want more volume. Instead of ensuring abundance, it makes the hair look flat.

& 2. Toup

with the amount of new heat-powered styling tools, the good old toupe brush is almost forgotten. In fact, toup is still a tried and tested technique to create more volume.

and that's how it works: Your hair should be completely dry before you start to toup. Then you go strand for strands along the approach and brush your hair against the grain, means: You push the hair of each strand on the base about three to five times carefully towards the head. Important: You save the top hair, because that should conceal the slightly matters at the end. For a better grip, you can wrap the strands with hairspray after touping.

Leave your fingers from these 3 hairstyles

 Leave your fingers from these 3 hairstyles Most cuts make us look fabulous, but unfortunately there are also those that flatter us less. You should rather avoid these three hairstyles © imaxtre let your fingers from these 3 hairstyles imaxtree long hair, sometimes short hair, in between a casual long bob: a change of hairstyle not only ensures fresh swing in no time, but gives us Also the fantastic chance to try again and again and to redefine us again and again.

Tip: We prefer a toup or toup, as the soft bristles are gentler on the hair.

& 3. Highlights put

let go into the hair. This automatically creates more depth - an optical stimulus that makes thin hair appear full. Important: Different nuances are welcome to be used. But: You should all differ minimally from the basic tone for the best effect. & 4. blow -dry

with a round brush and hair dryer work for more volume like: The hairdresser: In is not your thing? No problem, it is easier! Namely upside down. So the hot air first comes to the deeper strands and can provide more status here. Important: Don't forget the

Hitzespray to protect the hair. & 5. Subtle steps

You don't have to radically cut the hair to create more

volume . Sometimes a step cut is enough. But this is exactly where the crux is. If the steps are set too hard, it thinly thin out the hair. Only baby layers, i.e. subtle steps, ensure that the tips fall fluffy and the transition becomes soft. & 6. Light textures

Tom Cruise performs gripping Mission: Impossible parachute scenes

  Tom Cruise performs gripping Mission: Impossible parachute scenes Tom Cruise showed off his impressive skills as a parachutist as he swooped to the ground while performing corkscrew turns while filming Mission: Impossible in the Lake District on Wednesday. The actor, 60, who plays Ethan Hunt in the famous movie franchise, was seen wearing a black jumpsuit while attached to a royal blue parachute.Hollywood heavyweight Tom made some hair-raising turns as he plummeted towards the lush green grass in Cumbria having jumped out of a helicopter which was seen in the sky above him.

A lot helps a lot? One might think. But the opposite is the case with fine hair. Select

care and styling products . Rich textures complain. Better are light shampoos and conditioners who skillfully free the hair from product residues and fluffy volume mousse or texture spray that make the hair more gripper. &

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