Tech & Science : 7 tricks around gluing and gluing

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Disory: If you work a lot with wood, you can not avoid working with glue and glue: We have put together the 7 most helpful tips and tricks for you.

Generalist & Specialists

Product Palette: A all -glue is part of the basic equipment. It sticks paper, fabric, wood and much more - but the first choice are often other products: for paper, for example, an adhesive stick. In any case, there is no glue that can do everything. If the connection has to be particularly resilient and high temperatures can withstand, a contact adhesive is suitable. If it is supposed to go very quickly, hot or second glue help. You can use adhesive tapes again and again: transparent adhesive film for paper, package adhesive tape for cardboard and fabric fabric for more stable compounds. Glue is only used for wood. If you also have a two-component glue, you are prepared for most cases.

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1st tip: paste on flour

In many families with children, lantern crafts will soon be on the program. For this you need paste . You can make it yourself: from flour (approx. 150 grams) and water (0.5 liters). Put the ingredients in a saucepan, bring to the boil and stir. The whole thing is ready when no lumps can be seen.

Tapetenkleister lässt sich mit Mehl oder Kartoffelstärke ganz einfach selbst herstellen. © ISTOCK / Getty Images Plus / Tagphoto wallpaper paste can be easily manufactured with flour or potato starch. 2nd tip: Problem: Loosen

Sometimes adhesives keep adhesive better than desired. If super glue ends up on hand, you cannot just wash it off. Nail polish remover (with acetone) helps. They take this for the fingernail. They prefer to treat the skin gently, e.g. with olive oil or margarine.

3rd: Wood on wood

glue takes a long time to harden and to develop the full adhesive power. With a trick you can quickly connect wooden parts: Leave a few spots when applying the glue and drop hot glue there.

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4. Tip: holds

again an microwave is practical - to warm up food, but also for some other things. A function surprised us: it makes adhesive tapes that are no longer properly adhering. Two minutes at the lowest level are often enough. If not, further rounds will follow on the turntable.

5. Tip: broadly distributed

after gluing without compulsion part 1 (middle left) comes part 2: Small parts can be “rubbed”. The glue is applied, then the piece of wood is moved slightly back and forth- until it sits firmly and in the correct position. The tool shop and course provider Dictum recommend this method, for example, for stop blocks in drawers because they are not visibly installed. Because the glue smears the surrounding area.

6. Tip: For melting the

hot glue there is a true multi -talent. It quickly and easily connects almost all materials. But: nothing works without electricity. Or does it? If there is no socket nearby, you can heat the stick with the lighter instead of the glue gun . Ideally, you put a drip protection under.

7. Tip: Aids

Most of the time are used when gluing screw clamps . You prevent pressure points in the wood by using allowances. You can fix these blocks with a little hot glue (or adhesive tape) on the workpiece and release it later.

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