Tech & Science : Dark red coloring: a user of Tiktok causes a national stock of dyes after having posted this video ...

Leslie Grace 'Couldn't Resist' Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Scrapped 'Batgirl' Film

  Leslie Grace 'Couldn't Resist' Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Scrapped 'Batgirl' Film Warner Bros. scrapped the DC film in August.Over the weekend, the actress shared two videos on her TikTok featuring behind-the-scenes clips of her work as Barbara Gordon from the canceled DC film, with the second set to a song she'd written herself called "Batgirls Get Lonely Too.

if for a few years, the flamboyant red, also called "Roux de Caroline Receiver" had become a must, c 'is now the dark reddish with red reflections which is on the rise. On Tiktok, a user has just generated a real buzz as well as stock -up breaks after publishing the video of her "before/after" ...

Coloration roux foncé : une utilisatrice de TikTok provoque une rupture de stock nationale de teintures après avoir posté cette vidéo... dark red color: a tiktok user causes a breakup National Stock of dyes after posting this video ...

If the blond is often associated in the summer, a few years ago that the start of the school year and the fall are assimilated to the red. For about four years, the "Copper Hair", a reddish reflections, has been more than ever in fashion and it must be admitted, this daring red -like as flamboyant has been updated by the influencer Caroline Receiver! After trying to try this color that she ended up adopting for good, the French it-girl has, unwittingly, influenced many women who have taken the plunge and went to their hairdresser to ask for the famous " Roux by Caroline Receiver ".

Kmart worker shares the $10 Christmas item Aussies 'must buy'

  Kmart worker shares the $10 Christmas item Aussies 'must buy' Christmas is just around the corner and fans of the holiday season are already raving about a festive cookie candle from Kmart which has been described as 'the most delicious thing'.A video shared to TikTok by one such worker explains that the $10 sprinkle-covered candle is the perfect treat now that the special day is only three months away.

But now this red -haired red is preparing to relegate to the background, in favor of dark reddish ! If some celebrities have started to adopt it, we know that this shade of hair is at the heart of a real craze on Tiktok. A few days ago, a user of the platform who responds to the name of "Sammsou" shared a video of her showing her hair transformation. The young woman simply goes from a dark chestnut to the famous dark redhead but the result is literally magical and transcendent.

@samms0u tins your hair with me and send me your result on snap, go girls sams_chrg #fyp #fyfyou ♬ body summer walker - rennyxaudios

strongly shared, relayed and commented, his video incited hundreds of Internet users to test this shade of coloring that was made at home. Asked about the process, Sammsou revealed that, to obtain such a result, she bet on coloring number 6.44 intense copper blonde sold at the hairdresser's shop.

The 'Sticky Method' Is The TikTok Makeup Hack Camouflaging Acne-Prone Skin & It’s Actually Genius

  The 'Sticky Method' Is The TikTok Makeup Hack Camouflaging Acne-Prone Skin & It’s Actually Genius The husband of accused Sydney fraudster Melissa Caddick has been told to step down from giving evidence during an inquest into her suspected death. Anthony Koletti was in the witness box for a second day when he told the court he was confused by the questions and distressed.

@samms0u I am Hermione in Harry Potter #Foryou #Pourtoi #Fyp ♬ Son original - Berlicke la GO there

A few days after the publication of her first video, the young woman generated in spite of herself, a breakdown of Stock of this dye reference. "I confirm, I am a saleswoman at the hairdresser shop and everyone comes with your video" comments for example a surfer. "Thirty customers per day who come with your tiktok ... in short we are out of yes" launches another. Same bell sound in Paris and Marseille where we had wind that the dye is literally out of stock for a few days ...

Good news, The coloring 6.44 is sold under the same name at Bleu Libellule is therefore available here .

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TikToks show wheelchair user trapped at Atlanta Airport after Porsche driver parked illegally .
A TikTok posted by a disabled woman went viral when she arrived at the Atlanta airport only to find her handicap-accessible van being blocked by an illegally parked Porsche. In a video captioned 'BLOCK and LOCKED into parking space...(again)!,' Yvette Pegues, 38, documented her Friday evening arrival at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport only to find her handicapped van blocked by a blue Porsche SUV.'I can't even get out of the parking because my van has been blocked by someone who is illegally parked,' she said.'I have a six-foot ramp that comes out of my car to exit the vehicle.

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