Tech & Science : Porcelain Challenge, beware of this false dangerous challenge launched on Tiktok

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Dans le « Porcelain Challenge », ou « défi de la porcelaine », rien n’est vrai. C’est une plaisanterie, lancée par un internaute. © Illustration Photo: Jasmin Schreiber / Unsplash in the "Porcelain Challenge", or "Porcelain challenge", nothing is true. It’s a joke, launched by a user.

A false challenge allegedly launched on the Tiktok social network, agitated the Anglo-Saxon media in recent days. His instigator made people believe that Internet users reduce porcelain dishes in dust before inhaling it through the nose, like drugs. Nothing was true.

Porcelain Challenge, the "porcelain challenge" ... This is an alleged "challenge" which has been a lot of question about the social network Tiktok in the United States in recent days. He referred to a sequence, which appeared on the video sharing platform, making believe that young Internet users had decided to take up an unusual challenge, as we often see it arising on social networks: the challenge in question consisted in breaking objects In porcelain, to reduce debris in powder, then to inhale it through the nose, as for certain drugs. Fortunately, everything was wrong.

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False media reports

according to the British and American daily newspapers The Independent and The New York Post , a certain Sebastian Durfee would be the source of this false "challenge". None of the two media gives elements on the identity of this man, whose Tiktok account seems to have been deleted since. He would have counted 153,000 subscribers on the platform before the deletion of his account.

A first video dedicated to the porcelain challenge was published on Saturday October 1, 2022. In this one, Sebastian Durfee was addressed to Internet users of the "Z generation", that is to say born between 1997 and 2010, therefore the 12-25 years today. He invited people from this age group to pretend to engage in a disturbing practice: breaking porcelain objects belonging to their parents, reducing powdered debris, then "sniff" this powder as drugs.

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Important precision: Sebastian Durfee seems to have never called for his subscribers to do this for real, the practice being obviously not recommended for health. So much the better: according to The New York Post, the video was still viewed more than 500,000 times ... "We are not going to really do that [Inhale porcelain powder, editor's note] , but if we talk about it Enough, you believe that media could echo it? It could be funny, ”he said. The underlying idea being from "Setting the Boomers ", In other words people born between 1945 and 1965.

Real and dangerous challenges

The joke instigators have gone further: they manufactured False reports montages, to make believe that they had been broadcast by the American television channels CNN or Fox News, as reported by the specialized site

Know even . Again, nothing was true.

Beyond the joke of bad taste, history also highlights the large number of Tiktok "challenges" which appear regularly and which are very real. They can sometimes present certain dangers. This was the case, for example, of the

Skullbreaker Challenge , which consisted in blowing up a person on the spot before unbalanced it from a sweeping of the legs during her jump to fall back. We also remember the Blackout Challenge , in which we had to suffocate until you lose consciousness in front of the camera. Or else, the 30-Day Water Challenge , calling for drinking the excessive quantity of 4.5 liters of water per day for a month ...

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