Tech & Science : towards new food shortages at the supermarket in 2023? "This is what we are currently in," alerts the CEO of System U

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after mustard or sunflower oil, should the French prepare for next food shortages? Yes, according to the manager of System U, Dominique Schelcher. …

Mustard , Sunflower oil , Duck, Foie Gras and now Rice ... It has been decades that France had not been confronted with such tensions on food. And consumers have to prepare for other shelves in the coming months. This is in any case the clear opinion of Dominique Schelcher, CEO of U.

Chickpea, Mushrooms ... These products that have become "too expensive"

interviewed on November 22 by journalist Salhia Brakhlia, in the From the 8:30 am Franceinfo , on possible future shortages in store, the manager assured: "This is what we are currently in". And Dominique Schelcher to take the emblematic example of the chickpea, impacted by the war in Ukraine and bad weather conditions. "System U decided to stop the production of chickpeas under the U brand, because the increase in us was far too large. And we think that at that price, we don't sell any more, "he explains. According to him, the famous driving vegetable, well known to houmous enthusiasts, is not the only product concerned by this prices outbreak: some mushrooms have also become "too expensive". "At one point, putting products on the shelves so as not to sell them, it no longer makes sense. And this is this type of decisions we are taking, "he continues.

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shortages: Several products could "disappear punctually from the rays"

worst: the CEO of the fourth French distributor assures that he receives mails from industrialists alerting him to stop the production of certain foods. "Industrialists tell us:‘ We will no longer produce your product in six months because it costs too much, because we focus on our own brand or make different choices, "explains Dominique Schelcher. Several products could soon "disappear punctually from the shelves".

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new increases on food products to be expected in 2023

for the system of system, These potential shortages are the consequence of this inflationary period, and in particular the surge in the cost of energy. Because to make a food, you need gas, but also electricity. "The sequence we face is spectacular. There was an inflationary tendency before the war in Ukraine which was linked to the economic boom in the fall of 2021, then there was war, and now the current backdrop for everyone, it is the price of the 'energy ". And the CEO to fear "sustainable inflation", with new price increases on food to be expected in 2023.

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Pénurie de pois chiche au supermarché © supplied by FEMINA Version of Chickpeas at the

supermarket because of a prices flight, system U has decided to stop the production of chickpeas under its brand U.

to shortages due to too high production costs? "This is what we come in. System U decided to stop the production of chickpeas at the brand U because the requested increase was too important," said the CEO of System U.

- franceinfo (@franceinfo) November 22, 2022

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