Tech & Science : France 3: Cyril Féraud shocked by production, his amazing discovery on the Duels set in families

Cyril Hanouna in cold with Louis Boyard: the presenter of TPMP rebels live ... The war is declared!

 Cyril Hanouna in cold with Louis Boyard: the presenter of TPMP rebels live ... The war is declared! Cyril Hanouna in cold with Louis Boyard: the presenter of TPMP rebels live ... The war is declared! The war between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard is far from over. Last Thursday, November 10, the LFI deputy was the guest of the C8 troublemaker on TPMP to talk about the Ocean Viking ship. Very quickly, the politician approached another subject: that of press freedom. Live, he wanted to prove what he was advancing by attacking the famous billionaire Vincent Bolloré.

  France 3 : Cyril Féraud choqué par la production, son étonnante découverte sur le plateau de Duels en familles © provided by all TV

after the first round, where two families arrived ex aequo in a match of the regions, Cyril Féraud made an improbable discovery with "Papi Paul" a retired SVT teacher. In duels in families, offered this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 on France 3, the presenter noted Paul's new haircut and his strange means of communication.

Paul, the Papi well equipped with duels in

Paul families lives minimalist without laptop, without watch, without a bank card. But, thanks to the imagination of his grandson, he does not take out their empty pockets. During the program, he draws the creation of his twelve-year-old grandson, Simon.

"He lost his calm": former TPMP columnist, Thierry Moreau pronounces on the clash between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard (video)

 War is declared between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard. This Monday, November 14, the animator of C8 returned to Touche pas à mon poste on his incredible clash with the deputy of rebellious France occurred on November 10. Following this muscular exchange where insults were notably launched by Cyril Hanouna after the criticism of Louis Boyard towards Vincent Bolloré, the 22 -year -old politician announced during a press conference his intention to file a complaint.

Thus, Paul shows a Cyril Féraud surprised to say the least a cell phone in paper made with imagination, a cut leaf and a few markers. Tender, the presenter exclaims before the creation of the young child: I love it! .

Cyril Féraud surprised by an anecdote

a little later, Cyril Féraud, who suffered the wrath of a tough competition recently reports to viewers the anecdote that the production left on his file about the word to find via The index: “ A monkey with very free manners. "The family in yellow finds the name of a primate," Le Bonobo ", and is rewarded for the precision of Cyril Féraud, somewhat shocked:" Do you know what I have been written? Bonobo is known to have a very wide vision in terms of sex. "

In reality, bonobo is chimpanzee having a behavior close to humans on this subject, because it can have relationships to guarantee social cohesion and not only for reproduction.

Audiences with withdrawal on France 3

This Duels issue in Families brought together 682,000 viewers, or 9.5% market share. Slam subsequently gathered 1.16 million aficionados, or 12.9% of the public. Over a week, the two franc games 3 record a drop respectively 0.3 and 1.7 points.

Cyril Féraud continues to spend the afternoon with viewers of France, from 4:15 pm this Thursday, November 24, 2022.

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