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Sunrise star reveals why she hates Christmas

  Sunrise star reveals why she hates Christmas Sunrise's Monique Wright has been branded a 'Grinch' after revealing she 'hates Christmas'.The mother-of-three, 49,  was speaking to David Koch on the Channel 7 show on Wednesday when the panel discussed Cliff Richard's upcoming Christmas album, which she quickly branded 'rubbish'.

Every year the tax offices in the country treat the citizens a little break. This year, too, the offices - from December 23 to January 1st - will meet a Christmas break, as a spokeswoman for the finance ministry of the German Press Agency announced. "During this time, the tax offices will refrain from particularly stressful measures." The offices want to do without enforcement measures, external exams, preliminary loads as well as the announcement and initiation of fine or criminal proceedings.

Auf einem Vordruck für die Steuererklärung liegt vor dem Aktenordner mit dem Aufdruck «Finanzamt» ein Stift und eine Brille. © Oliver Berg/DPA/Illustration On a form for the tax return, a pen and glasses are available before the file folder with the imprint “tax office”.

of this remained unaffected, however, measures that were imperative for legal reasons, said the spokeswoman. For example, if the statute of limitations threatens tax debts, the so -called Christmas peace must break. Christmas peace has been a tradition in the southwest and other federal states for years.

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