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Tech & Science : Electronic cigarettes: the manufacturer Juul will compensate nearly 10,000 complainants

Higgins' story sparks reform conversation

  Higgins' story sparks reform conversation Advocates want reforms to support sexual assault complainants who seek justice after Brittany Higgins' experience showed the personal toll of legal action.The case has demonstrated the personal toll in seeking justice for alleged sexual assaults.

Le fabricant assure avoir touché un investissement de ses premiers actionnaires qui lui permettra de couvrir l'accord. AFP/Patrick Fallon © Patrick T. Fallon The manufacturer ensures that he has affected an investment of his first shareholders which will allow him to cover the agreement. AFP/Patrick Fallon The manufacturer of E-cigarettes Juul Labs announced that it had concluded agreements with approximately 10,000 complainants covering more than 5,000 cases which had been grouped in California. Juul did not disclose the amount of the agreement within the framework of the regulation process and the broad judicial federal procedure in which it was entangled. Just a spokesman said that the company had recently obtained an investment to settle these conflicts, the resolution of which is "global". The company is accused of targeting adolescents in its marketing strategy. Certain complaints had been filed for bodily harm by individual people, others within the framework of collective actions of consumers, or by Native American tribes or government entities. Philip Federico, a lawyer representing 60 school districts in the United States in the dispute against Juul, said that the agreement is a "formidable victory for school districts overwhelmed by the vaping epidemic", adding that the funds resulting from it will allow school districts to compensate for the expenses caused by this epidemic. Complaints of 34 condition held in part by Altria Group, Juul Labs agreed in September to pay $ 438.5 million (419.5 million euros) to settle complaints of 34 US states which accused him of minimizing The risks of its products and to target minor buyers. In November, Juul announced that he had obtained an investment from some of his first investors to continue his activities. The company plans to dismiss around 400 people and reduce its operating budget by 30 to 40%. The company's e-cigarettes were briefly prohibited in the country at the end of June, after the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that the company had failed to demonstrate that the sale of its products was appropriate for the public health. But following a call, the health regulator brought the in suspense prohibition and accepted an additional examination of the Juul's marketing request.

This cult lemonade is addictive from 2022 .
The consumer protection organization Foodwatch Austria called for the first time for the "advertising mowing of the year". Now the winner for the abuse is set: the lemonade of the -known beverage manufacturer shooting and drinking is boosting with comic figures for the attention of children. A nuisance for many consumers, according to Foodwatch. 3 © APA/SISA Ernst 0 The colorful bottles of little children with comic animals on the label are already baiting.

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