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Tech & Science : Half Truths of the traffic light

Myth Sweet Blood: Why is I stabbed more often than others?

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Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (M, SPD), spricht mit Christian Lindner (r, FDP), Bundesminister der Finanzen, und Robert Habeck (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz. © dpa Chancellor Olaf Scholz (M, SPD), speaks to Christian Lindner (R, FDP), Federal Minister of Finance, and Robert Habeck (Bündnis 90/The Greens), Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Protection .

It is part of the art of governing to put only the bright sides of the action in the shop window. The traffic light coalition has now perfected this art.

On her website, she bundles the 300 billion euros in aid programs of this crisis year under the so simple and megalomaniac heading: "We relieve Germany". In fact,

is not only outstanding the redistributed sum, but also the sheer number of laws decided in a short time. These grant, among other things, to a limited extent, sometimes social benefits are increased permanently, for example with the citizens' allowance and the residential reform.

lawsuit has been decided

 lawsuit has been decided lawsuit has been decided too much traffic feared eschborn - the decision has been made! With the votes of the CDU, Greens and FWE and against the opposition from the SPD, FDP and Linke, the city council decided in a special meeting to collect a standards control lawsuit against development plan No. 109 "Obermayr International School" of the city of Schwalbach. At the beginning, Mayor Adnan Shaikh (CDU) explained the revised template.

Hardly anyone denies that the "time turning" caused by Putin's war in Ukraine requires higher expenditure of the federal government on both the military side and on social. However, while the former is rather too small, the left -hand traffic lights on the second page do too much.

Another motto would be honest

You disregard the bid to use public money precisely and strictly limited. Help distributes help far into the non -needy middle class. It used the crisis to re -devote loan reserves from pandemic and bunkers for future green or social purposes that do not directly related to the acute shortage of energy. "We fault Germany" would therefore be an at least as appropriate title as the provocative traffic light claim.

Even that would only be part of the truth, after all, the red-green-yellow coalition is also responsible for new loads. One of the visible includes the increase in the cash register contribution or the unmounted sharper inheritance tax. In view of the "turning point", poison are their ideologically motivated requirements for companies.

instead of at least postponing the entry chain law and stopping even harder guidelines of the EU, the traffic light runs everything. More reporting obligations for salary transparency are almost decided, the impending EU regulation of the platform work endangers innovative business models. However, the economy is waiting for the halving of the tough approval processes.

explosion after a scree output: Releasing the B9 planned .
After the scree output in the Middle Rhine Valley between Bacharach and Oberwesel, specialists have blown away further loose rock on Wednesday. This should prevent boulders from falling onto the left bank of the Rhine and the parallel federal road 9. "After the blast on the slope necessary today, the work for stabilization as part of the slope protection by the external specialist company is now carried out," said Deutsche Bahn.

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