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Tech & Science : loneliness is a phenomenon of age? A worldwide study shows that the loneliest people are young men

Kim Clijsters drunk in nightclub

  Kim Clijsters drunk in nightclub Kim Clijsters drunk in nightclub

Junge Männer sind besonders häufig einsam, zeigt eine Studie. © Westend / Getty Images Young men are particularly frequent, shows a study. young men are particularly frequently lonely, shows a study.

In the Corona crisis , many people had to learn how loneliness feels. But even before global pandemic, many people had to struggle with this feeling. An scientific evaluation of the BBC Loneliness Experiment shows to what extent loneliness is related to age, gender and cultural belonging.

A research team from the universities Manchester, Exteteter and Brunel analyzed the information from more than 46,000 respondents between the ages of 16 and 99. The respondents came from a total of 237 countries.

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Surprising result: Young people are more lonely than older

The most surprising result of the study: the older one person is, the less often they feel lonely. "Younger people actually have greater feelings of loneliness," says the study leader Manuela Barreto from the University of Exeter.

An explanatory approach for this result is that younger people provide different expectations of their social relationships than older people. "Loneliness stems from the feeling that social relationships are not as good as desired," said Barreto.

"It is true that younger people are more able to use technologies for access to social relationships. But it is also known that if technologies are used as a replacement - and not as an extension - they do not are able to mitigate loneliness, "added the psychologist.

"anti-aging agent" are ineffective

 "anti-aging agents" are ineffective researchers from Germany examine the effect of interval fasting and other methods on aging not to age or at least delay the creeping decay should be a dream, which is almost as old as humanity. To this day, it has not really been successful - even if life expectancy has risen sharply and many older people are no longer as old as it was 100 years ago. Hiding aging processes is a field that deals with many research institutions worldwide.

also play a role in loneliness. The research team also found that people who live in individualized societies - in addition to the United States and Great Britain, Germany should also suffer from this - more from loneliness than people who are at home in collectively organized societies are. Examples of the latter are China and Brazil research team. In individualized societies, the stigma of loneliness is also higher - because here the expectation of people is placed, self -determined and independent.

Likewise, the research team found that men feel lonely than women over all age groups. Interestingly, previous studies had pointed out the opposite. The scientists explain this in such a way that men are more frequently stigmatized when they admit that they feel lonely - so they prefer not to do so in everyday life as in scientific studies.

, however, does without the word "lonely" in the scientific measurements and ask the feeling differently, then it turns out that men suffer more often than women from the feeling. The researchers did that in this study. Overall, it can be said that the loneliest people are young and male and live in individualized societies. In contrast, women who live in collectively organized societies are the least lonely. However, the study results also illustrate that loneliness - regardless of demographic or cultural factors - is a widespread phenomenon.

This article was published by Business Insider in May 2020. It has now been checked and updated again.

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