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World: Digital Covid Vaccination Pass: It is already available in Altötting

Vaccination: open to over 75s, pharmacists ... the rest of the calendar becomes clearer

 Vaccination: open to over 75s, pharmacists ... the rest of the calendar becomes clearer © Copyright 2021, L'Obs The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is taking off in France, while more than 138,000 people have already received their first injection according to the Directorate General of Health on Monday. It must continue to expand from January 18 with the opening of access to people over 75 not living in nursing homes. The schedule for the rest of the month of January should for certain points depend on several factors still unknown.

In the Bavarian district of Altötting you are further than Microsoft and Oracle with their crypto vaccination certificate. A digital vaccination certificate could be available to Altötting residents as early as next week.

Erwin Schneider bestätigt Impfungen mit digitalem Zertifikat. © M-Foto / Shutterstock Erwin Schneider confirms vaccinations with a digital certificate.

Only a few days ago we reported about , the US American Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI). It is an association of technology companies and medical institutions that are working together on the development of a digital vaccination card for smartphones. The members of the VCI include Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and, with the Mayo clinics, one of the largest hospital operators in the USA.

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In the USA, the question is acutely relevant to everyday life, because a regulation is imminent there that will force participants in international air traffic to present either a current test for Sars-CoV-2 with negative results or a confirmation of a completed infection. It is expected that proof of vaccination will soon be accepted as an alternative.

Altötting brings digital vaccination card

In Germany, the discussion about freedom rights for vaccinated people is in full swing, and the Bavarian District Administrator Erwin Schneider from the CSU wants to create facts. Together with the institute for communal data processing in Bavaria, the central IT service provider of the communes, and the company Ubirch , the Cologne expert for digital certificates, the Altötting district is creating a digital vaccination pass that is supposed to work in a very similar way who works the VCI.

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  Answers to your 24 most pressing questions about the coronavirus vaccine, from side effects and costs to when you'll be able to get one Coronavirus vaccines are the main chance the US has to dig itself out of the pandemic, and 10.6 million people have gotten their first shots so far. People are desperate to get vaccinated so they can protect themselves, see loved ones, and return to normal. The rollout so far has been slow and messier than planned, but US health officials say they're hitting the gas pedal in the weeks ahead. Here's what you need to know about the vaccine, from timeline to cost and side effects. Have a burning question you don't see here? Email reporter Kimberly Leonard at [email protected]

After of the second vaccination, Altöttingers can - probably from next week - receive a digital vaccination card that is saved in an app on their smartphone. Vaccinated people who do not have a smartphone can alternatively receive a printout that contains a QR code. With a corresponding reading device, the vaccination can also be certified.

digital vaccination card a question of time?

Schneider, who has been the Altöttingen District Administrator for 20 years, responds to criticism with a clear pragmatism. Although the vaccinated have so far not had any advantages from the proof, Schneider said compared to the Süddeutsche , but the "topic will come." Citizens will need a digital vaccination certificate. In Israel, for example, the “green passport” as a vaccination card is about to be introduced.

Schneider is sure that he is on the right track. Although this gives his district a “quite unique selling proposition” in Germany, it will “hopefully not stay that way for long.”

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