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World: between Macron and Erdogan, a "appeased" head-to-tensioning head

Mafia Boss Sees Over 75M YouTube Views of Allegations Against Turkish Officials

  Mafia Boss Sees Over 75M YouTube Views of Allegations Against Turkish Officials The videos have detailed allegations of illegal activities against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government.The allegations have targeted members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ruling party. The nearly 90-minute-long videos have dealt with alleged drug trafficking, murder cover-up and more.

  Entre Macron et Erdogan, un tête à tête « apaisé » après des mois de tension © Copyright 2021, Obs

after Voltage months , French presidents Emmanuel Macron and Turk RECEP TAYYIP Erdogan met at Brussels this Monday, June 14 in "a calm climate", committing to "working together" on Libya and Syria, according to the Head of State French.

The two leaders also addressed the case of Fabien Azoulay , a Frenchman sentenced to 16 years in prison by Turkish Justice for Narcotics in 2017. "The conditions for his rapid transfer (to France) advance", A Indicated Emmanuel Macron, hoping that this procedure succeeds "as soon as possible".

The Calvary of a Frenchman imprisoned in Turkey: his lawyers and his family call for Macron

on all subjects of litigation, "it was important to move forward," summed up Emmanuel Macron in front of the press after that head at the head of 45 minutes at NATO headquarters on the margin of the Alliance Summit.

macron slapped in the Drôme: what we know of the two people arrested

 macron slapped in the Drôme: what we know of the two people arrested video: Emmanuel macron slapped in the Drôme, two people arrested (dailymotion) © Copyright 2021, the obs while Emmanuel Macron came out of a hotel high school in Tain-lahermitage (Drôme) this Tuesday, June 8 and greeted the crowd who was waiting for him, a man took advantage of it to slack him shouting "Montjoie Saint-Denis", a cry of Royalist War.

This appointment allowed "appeasement", "clarification" and "concrete work on humanitarian issues in Syria and on Libya," he added. "Given the issues", "we have one and the other acts that it was necessary to do everything possible to work together," according to him.

"Working together"

Relations between the two presidents have appeared in recent months after deteriorating in 2020, particularly in the fall when Recep Tayyip Erdogan caused the "mental health" of his counterpart . .

video: Macron announces that he will meet Erdogan "just before" the NATO summit (Le Figaro)

Your Browser does not support this Video the subjects of disagreement had been crystallized in the eastern Mediterranean, where Paris supported Athens with the Gas ambitions of Ankara and an incident opposed Turkish and French buildings in June 2020.

Fan of the Middle Ages, subscriber to extreme right accounts ... what we know about Damien T., the one who slapped Macron

 Fan of the Middle Ages, subscriber to extreme right accounts ... what we know about Damien T., the one who slapped Macron © Copyright 2021, the Obs describes by his entourage as a person without history Damien T. posters on social networks his passion for martial arts and medieval history. It also follows many profiles of extreme right or royalist movement, although it is described as "apolitics" by a friend. In a few seconds, he became the man who slapped the President of Republic. Damien T., 28, was arrested Tuesday, June 8, after assisting a slap in Emmanuel Macron in Tain-lathermitage (Drôme).

Huge gas deposits, here is the heart of the tensions in Eastern Mediterranean concerning the conflict in Libya, France and Turkey Will "work together" in "the next few weeks" so that "the mercenaries and militia from the foreigner who operate on Libyan soil, can leave it as soon as possible," said Emmanuel Macron.

France and many countries demand the departure of foreign and mercenary soldiers - estimated at 20,000 end 2020 by the UN - to reinforce the peace hopes that have sketched in recent months. These include Turkish troops and Syrian mercenaries deployed by Turkey, as well as mercenaries of the Russian private group Wagner.


on Libya, Emmanuel Macron and Recep Tayyip Erdogan also "found clear convergence points" to "preserve the ceasefire" and "the objective" to organize elections on December 24th In order to "accompany" the national unity government formed under the aegis of the United Nations.

Prime Macron: Members correct a hole in the

 Prime Macron: Members correct a hole in the racket © Nicolas Sandanassamy Prime Macron: MPs correct a hole in the racket An amendment to the PLFR 2021, adopted by the National Assembly this Friday, gives the possibility to certain Small businesses to pour up to 2,000 euros of prime macron to their employees. The macron premium soon improved.

between Macron and Erdogan, a dangerous iron arms during the interview, the French president also "brought clarifications" on the place of Islam in France, a subject that had "gave rise to misunderstandings or attacks on the part of Turkey and other Muslim countries last year. "The policy of France was not to tackle a religion" but to "strengthen the fight against extremist groups that use and distort" Islam, he explained to Turkish President.

In October, Recep Tayyip Erdogan had accused

Emmanuel Macron to carry out a "hatred campaign" against Islam , because he had defended the right to caricature the Prophet Muhammad and for his speech against the "separatism" Islamist in France.

During the interview, the case of Fabien Azoulay, 43, who had been arrested during a short trip in 2017 in Istanbul to make capillary implants after bought on the Internet GBL, a solvent used as stimulant. His loved ones have recently been worried about his safety while he is detained in a prison of Giresun, on the banks of the Black Sea, 800 km from Istanbul.

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey meet with Emmanuel Macron .
Justin, 27, posted a group photo to his 179m followers from the meeting, which showed the pop star do his best at smartening up with a suit for the occasionDoing his best to smarten up for the occasion, Justin, 27, was seen posing in a suit with an unbuttoned shirt, a chain around his neck, and a pair of blue Nike sneakers.

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