World: Herpes B of the Monkey: What is this new deadly virus from China?

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Herpès B du singe : quel est ce nouveau virus mortel venu de Chine ? © Istock Herpes B of the Monkey: What is this new deadly virus from China?

A Chinese veterinarian has deceased after taking an extremely rare virus known to infect the monkeys, and especially the macaques. This is the first human case reported in China.

A new deadly virus appeared in China. While the world is hardly faced with an epidemic resumption due to the Variant Delta, a new virus caused the death of a veterinarian in China. As the Express reports, the Chinese authorities revealed this Saturday, July 17 that a 53-year-old Chinese veterinarian was deceased after contracted the "Monkey B" or Herpes B virus of the Monkey in French. It is an extremely rare infectious disease transmitted by the primates, and mainly by the macaques, hence its name of "herpes b of the monkey". This worries the authorities since it is the first infected human case postponed to China. According to the Washington Post, the deceased veterinarian worked in an institute based in Beijing specialized in experimental research on primates, according to a report from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. herpes b of the monkey: a mortality of about 80%

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early March, he dissected two ridden monkeys and developed, a month later, from the fever, nausea, vomiting and neurological symptoms , according to The report. Despite care in several hospitals, the man died on May 27. After analyzing fifty blood and salivary samples, it was diagnosed as reached monkeyb virus. As the Washington Post says, it is a rather widespread virus in macaques monkeys and which is often deadly once transmitted to man. Indeed, without treatment, the

mortality rate is about 80%

. According to American disease prevention and control centers (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC), there were only 50 cases of Monkey B virus transmitted to man since his discovery in 1932. But on the 50 Infected people, 21 died. The Washington Post reports that the most cases of viruses transmitted to man concern people working with monkeys , such as veterinarians or researchers. Herpes B of the monkey: towards a new epidemic? according to, once the virus has transmitted from the animal to the human, it is not very contagious

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and does not spread easily between humans. Indeed according to the CDC, there has been only one reported case of infection with the monkey B virus in a human transmitted by another person

. This new coronavirus appeared as a source "zoonotic", that is to say that animals were transmitted to humans. But unlike the current coronavirus, with the herpes b of the monkey, the man, once infected, is an "deadlock" according to Dr. Nikolaus Osterried, Dean of the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences in Hong Kong. He has indeed insured not to fear an epidemic at the Washington Post because he judges that the virus "does not jump from a human to another". Nevertheless, the Chinese health authorities ensure that the new report suggests that the virus "could constitute a potential zoonotic threat " for people working with monkeys; and therefore it is necessary to "strengthen monitoring in laboratory macaques and workers who deal with China".

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