World: Magacoin: A mysterious Cryptomonnaie Drague Pro-Trump

There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming

  There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming The relentless messaging by Trump and his supporters has inflicted a measurable wound on American democracy. Before the 2020 election, about 60 percent of Democrats and Republicans expected the election to be fair. Since Trump began circulating his ever more radical complaints, Republican confidence in the election has tumbled by half, to barely more than 30 percent, according to polling supported by the Democracy Fund.The Trump movement was always authoritarian and illiberal. It indulged periodically in the rhetoric of violence. Trump himself chafed against the restraints of law.

S Es Promoters consider it as "the digital currency of the Make America Great Again Community (Maga)". As The Guardian reveals, more than 1,000 people, including political figures from Republicans or conservative media, have subscribed to the pro-Trump cryptomonnae of the name of Magacoin. Their identities have been disclosed because of low security of the website, which has exposed e-mail addresses, passwords, crypto portfolio addresses, and user IP addresses.

Magacoin was created in response to Donald Trump's defeat in November 2020 elections, and the total amount of the pieces, 75 million, is a narm of the number of voters who voted for him. This cryptomonnaie has been designed to support candidates related to the slogan make American Great Again and help finance their future campaigns and elections, explains the British daily.

Pro-Trump Sheriff's 'Ludicrous' Voting Probe Denounced as Private Investigators Question Clerks

  Pro-Trump Sheriff's 'Ludicrous' Voting Probe Denounced as Private Investigators Question Clerks Michigan's Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf launched the investigation despite Trump winning there by double digits.Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf has claimed, as has Trump, that there was voter fraud leading to President Joe Biden's win in the 2020 election. This claim has led the sheriff to open an investigation into voting machines in Barry County, as officials there have denounced the probe as "absolutely ridiculous and ludicrous," CBS local affiliate News Channel 3 reported on Friday.

The vast majority of registrants have only 100 magacies, the amount offered for free to the first users. However, some people have many more and especially people working in the media, likely to promote money from the general public. This is particularly the case for the Curator Radio KXL journalist of Denver, John Rush, who has an account of 1,500 magacies, just like Evan Underwood, the President of the Colorado Republicans Federation.

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Another cryptomonnah already created by the followers of Donald Trump

Magacoin is not yet a digital currency listed on the main cryptomonator tracking platforms. The Guardian points out that this is not the first cryptomonnae bearing support from Donald Trump. Indeed, Trumpcoin has more than 6 million pieces outstanding and has a market capitalization of $ 383,500.

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on its side, the former US president has not officially expressed his support for Trumpcoin or Magacoin. He never sought to support cryptomonnies as a general rule and even recently stated that the bitcoin "looked like a scam".

Trump’s aggressive efforts to overturn election results come to light .
A hand-written document released by the DOJ has the former president’s actions catching up with him.In a phone conversation with then-acting Deputy Attorney General Richard P. Donoghue and former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, Trump suggested that the election should be declared corrupt despite there being no proof of rampant fraud. This new information was made public on Friday when the Committee on Oversight and Reform released Deputy Attorney General Donoghue’s handwritten notes documenting the conversation and helping to fill in the blanks concerning Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results.

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