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World: Share 10 percent in the minus: Trading app Robinhood disappointed at Börseendebütt

bundled information: How well can the new motorway app can prevent traffic in the future?

 bundled information: How well can the new motorway app can prevent traffic in the future? The new highway app Stephan Krenz is very proud. Finally, the basis of the new infosystem from North Rhine-Westphalia. "That was the best app," says the chairman of the management of the motorway GmbH. They have developed them and they can now use nationwide. "It provides all the relevant information for the highways for the first time, including the highly updated data from the traffic centers that we mix with purchased data and artificial intelligence," says Krenz.

Instead of a significant plus, the stock of the trading app Robinhood recorded a minus of up to ten percent at the stock market debut. On the stock market one expects a high volume of volatility.

Robinhood-CEO Vlad Tenev beim IPO an der Nasdaq. © YouTube / Robinhood, T3N Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev at the IPO at the NASDAQ.

with a valuation of $ 35 billion wanted Robinhood at the Tech Börse Nasdaq Reuse . The Börsians: Inside were not quite as excited as hoped. In advance, a price range had been passed between 38 and $ 42, ultimately it was 38 dollars on the stock market parquet. Robinhood started with a total rating of $ 32 billion. For comparison: in the fall of 2020, at the last round of financing, there were still 11.7 billion dollars.

Sunday question: Scholz hangs after flood lashet and Baerbock Ab - Union loses in Insa survey as the only party slightly

 Sunday question: Scholz hangs after flood lashet and Baerbock Ab - Union loses in Insa survey as the only party slightly The SPD chancellor candidate gets good notes for his occurrence in the flood disaster. Armin Laschet, on the other hand, is detained for his crisis management. © dpa Scholz was the only candidate more positive than negative reviews for its occurrence during the flood. Union Chancellor Candidate Armin Laschet and its Rivalin Annalena Baerbock from the Greens have given a survey predominantly negative image during the flood disaster.

Robinhood Share on the first trading day under pressure

In the course of the first stock market day, the share was in the meantime ten percent downhill in the meantime downhill. Shortly before stock exchanges on Thursday afternoon New York time the paper moves just under the $ 35 mark. This is surprising as a surprisingly than in recent months shares at its first trading day mostly rely heavily, as the Handelsblatt writes . So what had happened?

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A possible explanation for the disappointing stock market start lies in the expected high volatility of the new share - something that does not like investor: inside. Robinhood has a comparatively high proportion of shares to small investors: inside output. Possible that these quickly want to make cash. Another damper could be due to a renewed investigation of Financial Supervision FINRA, which Robinhood announced only on Tuesday.

Analyst: Robinhood "Hotest iron on the stock market"

At the end of June, Robin Hood of the FINRA had to pay 70 million dollars as part of a comparison - the highest payment of the history of the Authority . In addition, various further investigations are pending due to possible violations. No wonder so that about Analyst Konstantin Oldenburger from the online broker CMC Markets Robinhood to the Handelsblatt as "probably one of the hottest iron on the stock market", "where investors could burn the fingers".

Robinhood may look forward to despite possible disappointment over about $ 2.1 billion, who rinsed the IPO of the trading app into the coffers. Among other things, the planned international expansion should be financed. In addition, so Robinhood-CEO Vlad Tenev vis-à-vis CNBC, the company wants to make less dependent on trade turnover in the future. Robinhood should rather become an app that is all aspects of money, not just investing.

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